JSYK April 21, 2015


  • 47(a)(2) visa – We continue to explore whether or not this visa, which is helpful for multiple exits and entries into the country, would be a good option for our personnel. Currently we are looking at the monthly costs for maintaining this visa once you have obtained it.
  • Capital Outlay Budget requests for SY 15-16 – A major portion of our budget is already spoken for in the process of paying off our part of the purchase and development of SM Field. The team examined what projects we could accomplish with the remaining funds. One of the priority projects is the replacement of roofing on our older buildings. Frank Cherry will talk with Facilities about which building would be the first in line and look into getting an outside estimate for the cost of the replacement.
  • Field watering times – Frank C will approach the guard agency about using guards for watering in the evening and morning. This move will help save on the amount of watering we need to do.
  • Budget for Finance Committee Meeting April 13- includes fee proposals – will have this discussion with the full admin on 4.9.15
  • Accreditation mid-cycle visit – Curriculum Director Brian Foutz reviewed the current state of the report and what is still left to be done. The team reviewed the schedule and added some information. Notes were added to the schedule that Brian will follow up with Dave Wilcox.
  • Confirm dates & venue of LT working retreatWe will go to Tagaytay again. The dates will be April 21-23 (Tue-Thu)
  • Update of School Handbooks and Manuals – It was agreed that before the updated Admin Regs are approved, administrators need to read the sections that apply to their area of work.
  • Kelli Boesel & Jessica here with OC – They are here to help OC missionaries tell their story via video, photos and articles. Requesting permission to shoot photos & video on Wed, during chapel and after chapel. Also would like to go into Emily and Angela’s classrooms to do this as well. Possibly here next week on Tues or Wed, too. This request was approved, but there needs to be a confirmation of students who should not appear in the videos because of parents’ privacy requests.
  • Truth Project Dates for lesson 13 and 14 – Walt Spicer will advertise the 14th and 21st and see who responds. If there is a conflict, the dates could be changed.
  • Clarification of policy regarding staff leaving campus during school day – The contract states that staff members are to be on campus during the hours established for their role. If they have a need to leave campus, they need to notify their supervisor.
  • Music on the F.A. Website – It was approved to put recordings of concerts on the website as long as we have a quality recording and are not violating any copyright rules.
  • Purchase of additional chromebooks for HSD – The devices we have on hand are being heavily used, and the checkout system is working well. It is believed that if more are available, then there will be increased use of the devices. It was agreed to ask Tagumpay to consider the purchase of 25 additional units for the library.
  • Presentation by Apollo Silva from IT on his study of potential School Information System (SIS) replacements – Apollo showed his conclusions and recommendations regarding PowerSchool and Sycamore. Afterwards he was asked to follow up on some additional items.
  • Funding for ESD Classroom Libraries – ESD Principal Trevor Maxwell presented a proposal for an infusion of $18,000 for the replacement cycle for classroom libraries over three years.  This was presented to the Tagumpay team and LT teams for consideration.
  • One-to-One Letter – Dept Head of School Peter Winslade showed a draft of the updated survey that we reviewed a few weeks ago. Suggestions were offered for the final draft.
  • CSPN Conference – We agreed to offer to host the Nov 7-11, 2016 Conference on our campus.
  • Wheaton College Affiliation agreement with the counseling department – The team approved this arrangement where Mark Ruch would oversee these students.