Elementary Playground and Field

For Faith Academy Elementary, the school year 2016-17 began with the dedication of their newly renovated playground and athletic field! Over the summer many people worked to tear down the old playground and assemble the new equipment. Around the world people prayed and God answered those prayers when playground pieces that were held up in customs were released, allowing staff in Manila to put it together in time for the new school year.

Ms. Karen Spain led the dedication, Mr. Leo Mendoza thanked the Lord and prayed for the new school year. In conclusion, the Elementary students participated by running one lap around the new field. For some, this has been a long anticipated and exciting day, for others who are new to the school or just entering Pre-Kindergarten this will be the playground where their recess memories begin. During the past three weeks, students have loved creating those memories on the playground and field and do so with joy. 

“We ended last school year anticipating our new playground and field. Throughout the fourth quarter, we watched as the elementary field was worked on, aching to play soccer. Then we held a fundraiser where the students brought awareness to the project and money for our new playground equipment. We’ve waited all summer and it’s finally here. It’s a real blessing to see how God worked everything out. Thank you to everyone that made this playground possible. We really do love it.” – Mr. Leo Mendoza, Grade 5 Teacher


“I have many memories from the old playground. I’ve been here since pre-school, so believe me, I know. But, the great thing about this playground is that many other kids get to enjoy it! They can have their own memories. Thanks to all the people who helped make it!” – Isabella Ransom, Grade 4


“I like the new playground because now the little kids can also play and have more fun. I like it because of the monkey bars. I am just thanking God for what He has made.” – Jael Specht, Grade 4