Prism Concert Reflection

This year, the Fine Arts music directors decided to revolutionize the annual Christmas concert. They were searching for a break from routine. What better way to increase flow, maximize entertainment, and include more varied talent, than through a ‘Prism’ concert? This type of concert consists of many ensembles of differing sizes, performing all around the theatre.

During the concert overhead lights were shut off in favor of having spotlights guiding the audience’s attention to where each ensemble was performing. Each performance came immediately after the other, in a seamless tapestry of notes.

The audience was captivated by the fast-paced, melodious chain of musical events. They were constantly swiveling their heads in search of the next piece, listening carefully for the well-practiced works. The people enjoyed the variety of music and how multiple ensembles were made up of students from choir, band, and guitar classes. Before and after the gorgeous array of Christmas melodies, audience members were invited to partake in holiday treats, while listening to small ensembles perform in the Tipunan Courtyard and Cadd Lobby. People commented on how it was one of the best and most unique concerts they had ever been to at Faith Academy.

The performing arts students really enjoyed the fresh concert format. They admitted it was tiring, but the end result was well worth the hard work. Having their performances spread out added interest to the performance and allowed them to experience working in small ensembles while participating in a larger one. This was one concert to remember, and a great way to kick off the Advent season!

  • Written by: Sophomores: Maddy Helwig, Monia Maxwell, JinSeong Kim and Freshman: Christian Malessa, Josh Diener