Re-enrollment and New Student Applications for the SY 2017-2018

Greetings to all!

Enrollment Process

All current students planning to attend next school year MUST complete the Reenrollment Process.

Our on-line registration system has been improved for the school year 2017-2018. It will save your data and make it simpler to re-enroll for future years.

To start, go to the link

Carefully read the information, the tabs and then begin your application by filling in the four boxes on the right-hand side (Parents/Guardians, Students, Employer or Sponsoring Agency, and Emergency Contact).

After completing those, click to go back to the Registration Home Page.

You will then see “Submit A Returning Student Application” for: – list of names of students you entered and make sure to click “Returning Student Application” when submitting the application for your child.

It will bring you to the Actual Application Form wherein you have to enter the details such as Semester last attended, grade applying for etc. click to submit.

Once submitted, you will see another box showing the status of the submission. Initially, it will show you Application Status Not Yet Submitted. Thus make sure to click the Submit Application at the right side of the box. A reminder about the registration/application fees will be reflected after the submission.

Once this is successfully done and approved by the Registrar (Approved Status), you will be allowed to continue on to submit the Enrollment Requirements.


For New or Returning students from Furlough, you will see on the lower section, the “Supporting Documents”- “Add Document”. Please upload School records or Mission documents through this BEFORE clicking Submit Application.

Do remember to take note of the following Dates and Reenrollment Fees.

This includes Re-enrolling families returning from Furlough:

Due by :

January 31                         $  50 for each child

February 1 – March 31     $100 for each child

After March 31                  $150 for each child


After the application has been accepted, please complete the following enrollment requirements before your students begin the next school year.


Child Safety Quiz

Medical Forms

Passport Information (if applicable)

Transportation (if applicable)

Boarding Forms (if applicable)


Enrollment cannot be guaranteed until Reenrollment requirements  and Payment are completed.



If you are not returning for the 17-18 school year, please notify the Registrar,

Karen “Queenie” Tan(