Honk! Jr

Underclassmen Musical

What’s a swan to do when she is hatched into a family of ducks? Our underclassmen tell the story of the Ugly Duckling and how life is beautiful, even when you are different!


This past October 26-28, Faith Academy’s 6th-9th graders put on the show Honk! Jr., directed by Miss Sarah Lingenhoel, Mrs. Jennifer Helwig, and Mr. Mark McDaniel. The show is a musical retelling of the Ugly Duckling, portraying learning to be okay with who you were made to be. We asked two cast members, Kyla Helwig who played Ugly’s mother Ida, and DongWon Kim who played Father Swan to share their first-hand experiences with us!


“Honk! Was an exciting experience for all of the cast, as we had the opportunity to retell the story of the Ugly Duckling in our own unique way. I enjoyed making friends with people from other grades. It was hard to learn all of the choreography and songs, but my friends around me were very encouraging. Being a Father Swan was very difficult because I had had no idea what a swan was supposed to be like. But everyone around me helped, and I was able to be a majestic swan. I liked the theme of Honk!, which was about inner beauty, and how we shouldn’t judge a person by their looks. The performance days were my favorite part, because we got to show the audience a wonderful piece of work that we put together. All of our hard work was worth it. Being a part of Honk! is an experience that I will never forget.” -DongWon Kim (Grade 8)


“Being a part of a musical is an outstanding experience. As Ida, I was partnered in scenes with people I barely knew, but through rehearsals, I was able to form friendships with them that I wouldn’t have made just by seeing them in the hallway. My character was super fun to play because I got to show all sort of emotions, like bitterness towards my husband, love towards my ducklings, panic when my daughter went missing, grief when I thought my daughter was dead, and utter shock when she transformed into a swan. After hours of practice, it was so fun to see how I could unfold my character to make it personal. My absolute favorite part of the process was the performance days. Showing everyone what I had been involved with for the past 3 months took a lot of focus, but the memories made were priceless. This experience was something I would not change for anything. I wish that I could experience it over and over again, but like everything does, it came to an end. Through being involved with plays at Faith Academy, I have discovered a real passion for acting and musical theater. Figur

ing out how to create a unique character based on the lines in the plays provides an exciting challenge for me. Being a part of Honk! was a great start to my year and is priceless life-long bundle of memories.” -Kyla Helwig (Grade 9)

Honk! Jr. is a part of the Broadway Junior Collection, with music by George Stiles, book, and lyrics by Anthony Drewe.


  • By Gracie Ransom (Grade 10)