FA Community Bulletin – September 13, 2017

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Dear FA Community Member,

I hope you are all safe and dry after our recent drenching. There are many who are not so fortunate. Let’s keep them in our prayers.

Last week the Middle School had a fun, wild and crazy week with Friendship Week activities scattered throughout. This week it is High School’s turn with Spirit Week. Costumes, games and house competitions will compete with their academic endeavors. The goal of this time is to foster friendships, unity and fun.

I have been approached by several parents to make an official statement about the following issue. The guidelines mentioned below will be added to our Parent Handbook.

It has come to my attention that in the interest of being helpful and contributing to the community there has been an increase in parent solicitations for donations and contributions. On the one hand this can be a wonderful thing as a means of sharing and supporting. However, without the proper guidance it can easily move into being overburdening and begin to feel like a “taxation of those who have more”. This becomes counter-productive and unhealthy for our community.

These are the guidelines we would like to be followed for any potential solicitations connected with Faith Academy. Any possible collection campaigns need to be first approved by the appropriate Division leader. For example, if people were wanting to contribute to a Middle School event or family, etc. then the one wanting to lead the campaign should check with the Middle School Principal, Mr. Walt Spicer. Once given the go ahead, all funds collected must be channeled through the Business Office. If these simple guidelines are followed I believe we will avoid some of the frustrations and concerns that have been cropping up.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. And for your generous hearts!

Serving together,

Tom Hardeman

Head of School

The Week At A Glance:

September 14

  • Regular school day
  • HSD Spirit Week
September 15

  • Regular school day
  • HSD Spirit Week
September 16
September 18

  • Regular school day
September 19

  • Regular school day


Throughout the year we practice three different types of Crisis Drills to assist with keeping your children safe. We take these seriously so if you happen to be on campus during one of these it is important that you realize that you also are expected to carry out the drill along with everyone else. Follow the lead of those around you. For your information here is what you are expected to do:

Fire Drill: Evacuate to either the flagpole in the circle, the Elementary Covered Court, or the Middle School Covered Court.

Lockdown Drill: Find the nearest room and remain locked inside until the alarm is silenced. You may need to knock on a door and identify yourself in order to get in.

Earthquake Drill: We follow the Drop, Cover, & Hold procedure. 60 seconds after the shaking has stopped either evacuate to White Field along with the students and teachers or gather in the circle by the nurse’s station.

Also, please note that with drills, and any real emergencies, the Faith Academy gate will be closed. This will affect your ability to get onto and off of campus. If this ever catches you out, please wait patiently until the event is over.

Peter Winslade
Deputy Head of School


*Develop your soccer skills and support the Girls Varsity Soccer Team!

*Kindergarten through Grade 8 are invited

*Two clinics: September 16 from 3-5pm and September 25 after school until 4:20 pm
*P200 per child per clinic or P300 for both clinics
(Note this is with early registration; additional P50/clinic without)

*Early Registration on September 13-15 & 21-22 @ Elementary Map & MS stone bench 2:15-2:45 pm
*Clinic participants will meet on White soccer field

*Can also just show up at 2:45 pm on September 16 and 25 to join

*Invite your friends! Bring your water bottle, and let’s have some fun!

*Led by Varsity Girls Soccer Team to raise money for trip to Thailand!


“God calls into action today,

All those who are children of light;

Whatever our hand finds to do,

Let’s do it with all of our might!”

Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy

Prov. 31:9

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