Filipiniana Week

Riding a carabao, holding gold, and dancing to hip hop songs were only a few of the many activities Elementary students got to experience during this year’s Filipiniana Week activities.


The theme for this year was “Pusong Pinoy” or, “Heart of a Filipino”. Faith Academy Elementary School spends one week a year, focusing on different aspects of Filipino culture. Students are given the opportunity to learn cultural games, try different foods, and become more aware of the beautiful country we live in.

Some of the highlights this year included getting to meet a local author, Robert Magnuson, who shared his hilarious books and comic tips with classes, as well as a grade K-3 field trip to a local farm, and a grade 4-5 field trip to Ayala Museum. Tiago Roldan (Grade 2), said, “My favorite part about the field trip was getting to feed the pigs and cows!” The other students quickly agreed that this was a highlight!

In addition to these activities, students also used this time to give back to the country that they live in. Students presented cards and chocolate to Faith Academy’s local employees, and during the week’s chapel, several speakers shared with the students about their experiences growing up in the Tondo dumpsite, and how God transformed their lives even through incredible hardships. Students collected magazines throughout the week which helps support a Faith family and their ministry with the community in Tondo. The magazines go toward the making and selling of jewelry and bags, which are made out of a soda can pull tabs and magazines. Students and staff had the opportunity to purchase some of these accessories.

In their classrooms, students also spent time learning about a specific Philippine’s topic for the week. In Grade 4, their topic was Filipino Celebrations. Carol Foutz, one of the 4th Grade teachers, said, “There was great learning on the themes in all the classes. In Grade 4, we were wrestling with how all cultural celebrations can honor and dishonor God. It was really interesting to see kids reflect and think about how we celebrate, and how you can honor your traditions and still honor God at the same time.”

Filipiniana Week is always a highlight in Elementary, and this year was no exception.

  • Miss Bethany Foutz, grade 2 teacher