High School Retreat

High School Retreat was a lot of fun this year! It was at Rizal Recreation Center, which is about four hours from the school and city. It’s really nice there because there are lots of places to hang out and plenty of green grass to play games on. Retreat was held from August 24-26. This year our school-wide theme is “In Christ, we do hard things”, so our sessions were based on this theme. Our sessions started with worship, which was led by students. After worship, a Student Executive Council member (Exco) would give a testimony about “doing hard things”. The main speaker this year was Pastor James Macariola, from Victory Campus Ministry. His messages were really good and we got a lot out of them. After each session, we broke off into our new homeroom small groups and talked about the message and we prayed together. (It was nice getting to know the people in our homerooms more because we will be meeting weekly for the rest of the year.)


Everybody was split into cabins of about 9 or 10 people. It was great being in a cabin with different friend groups because we got to know each other more. On the second night at the session, Mr. Chow set up different stations for us to go around to and reflect and pray as well as do different activities. This was really cool and something that I got a lot out of and I am sure many others did also.

One of my favorite parts of the retreat was the Dance Dance Revolution. Each of the four grade levels had to create and perform a dance. Judges watched us and they decided who won – this year the Junior class won. It was really fun performing with my classmates and watching each of the dances. Another part of retreat that I really liked was how much free time we got. It was nice being able to hang out with friends and play different games like soccer and ping pong as well as get frozen yogurt at the snack shack. This retreat was really awesome and I have so many good memories from it!

By Sophie Owens, Grade 9