Our first-semester Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on Thursday, September 29, and Friday, September 30. Here are the details for each division:

Elementary Division

Elementary students will be hosting their teachers and parents to share goals and exhibit examples of what they have learned. This is an opportunity for parents to collaborate with their child/ren and their teacher for the child’s continued growth at school.  A form (hardcopy) was sent home on the 11th with the schedule for each appointment.  Please note that in addition to core academic areas, teachers of Art, Music, Computer, PE, ELL, Korean, and Tagalog will also be available.

Middle School Division

Middle school conferences will be held at the top floor of the St Clair classroom wing. Rooms S300, S301 and S302 will be set up with conference desks for individualized conferences with teachers. As always, refreshments will be served. Conferences will go from 8:00-11:30 am and 12:30-2:30 pm on both days. Please note that High School conferences are on Friday only. If you cannot make the conferences and wish to meet with teachers at another time, you may arrange a schedule with the individual teacher.

High School Division

High school conferences will take place on Friday only from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm in Tipunan Hall.  All high school teachers will be available during this time, and parents may sign up for 10-minute sessions with any teacher(s) they would like to talk to. Please refer to your child’s grades and class information on Sycamore to help determine which teachers you would like to meet with. Office staff will also be available during the conference time to address questions about high school programs and testing.