International Travel for the Model United Nations Team

Faith Academy’s Model United Nations (MUN) team had an opportunity in March to not only attend an international MUN conference in Jeju, Korea, but also to have quality time visiting the residences and offices of the President of the Republic of Korea (the Blue House) and a war memorial, trying out Korean food, and making friendships.


MUN is an extracurricular activity meant to simulate the United Nations. It allows students to broaden their worldview by debating current world issues while trying to find sustainable solutions to these problems. It involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, writing, and critical thinking, in addition to diplomacy and leadership.


The conference in Jeju had a different debate format than what all the students use in MUN conferences in the Philippines. Even though it was different, the students were able to adapt quickly and in the end won a number of awards. Advisor Miss Erin Hiatt commented, “It was great to see the adaptability and skill the students showed during the conference. MUN is about collaboration, critical thinking, diplomacy and speech-making, and I am really proud of how they excelled in those areas.” All the hard work, brought honorable mentions, commendations, and trophies; all the glory was given to God.

Once the conference concluded, the students enjoyed the rest of the time in Korea interacting with Korean “stuff.” The group had the honor of visiting the Blue House, learning about the history of the Korean peninsula, and seeing how the UN works in the “real world”. But… they also engaged in traditional tourist activities, ordering fried chicken at night, wearing Korean traditional clothes, buying cute socks and treats, visiting cosmetic shops, (nearly) freezing to death, and so much more. The students really bonded during the trip, creating and strengthening friendships.



  • Jongheon (Johnny) Kim, Grade 12