Mindoro Mission Trip

The Mindoro Mission Trip was an opportunity to spend a week both to grow closer with friends and to serve Jesus in a meaningful way. The Faith Academy group, led by Mr. Ellis and other supervising adults, consisted of a variety of students from each high school grade. We met Morrison Academy from Taiwan on Mindoro and ministered both at Ezer school and the Mangyan Trip (both with the help of Ms. Silverio)



Our ministry efforts at Ezer school were in collaboration with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver’s Worship on Wheels (WOW) VBS-styled activities. The activities, which spanned several days, included a wide array of learning experiences through Bible study, games, arts-and-crafts, and more. Our goal was to strengthen what the Ezer students already knew about God and to deepen their relationship with Him. The experience allowed for both Faith and Morrison students to meet kids from ages 7 to 16+, as well as the adults working there. While we, the mission teams, went to Mindoro to serve, we witnessed time and time again how we were the ones being served by people at Ezer. They cooked for us, answered our questions, and guided us through confusing mishaps. We were astounded by their eagerness to help us and could clearly see their humble hearts of service for the Lord. Many of us were able to develop deep relationships with so many of the people, and leaving them was nothing short of heartbreaking.


Additionally, both Faith and Morrison had the privilege of traveling through rice field after rice field, across glittering rivers, and up the forested mountains to meet the Mangyan Tribe. We were able to share the gospel through creative activities such as a drama skit, songs, and the gospel bracelet. It was heartwarming to be able to meet the joyous and gentle children, part of the undiscussed and unseen part of the Philippine culture. They welcomed us warmly and we were reminded of God’s goodness even in that community. It was a learning experience to understand more about the lifestyle of tribal people and what doing ministry with them is like.


We also had the chance to have fun at beaches both in Mindoro and at Puerto Galera, and explore Mindoro by going to places such as the local park. We had plenty of leisurely time to grow closer to current friends and to meet new ones, especially students from Morrison. It was awesome to see how God is working at Morrison, who at that time had six different mission teams going to various locations.

Overall, the mission trip was a fulfilling experience. Beyond the amazing scenery of the fields, mountains, and beaches, the truly amazing part of the trip was getting to meet the children. Helping them learn more about the Bible and Jesus’ love for them was a way for us to serve and help increase God’s kingdom. The mission trip is a testament to God’s faithfulness, and how He has provided both for our mission teams, and the people on Mindoro in numerous ways, more than just financially. We all made new friends over a short period of time, and look forward to the day we can see them again. All of us grew closer to Christ and left Mindoro feeling more spiritually, emotionally, and mentally satisfied than we could have ever hoped for.


~Josh Diener – Grade 10