Talent Night 2018

Long awaited, and well loved: Faith Academy’s Talent Night. Faith Academy’s Talent Night is an annual auditioned talent show where students, staff, and even parents have the opportunity show off the various talents God has blessed them with. Each year, the Junior class produces, directs and emcees the evening. Following this year’s theme, the class of 2019 cleverly introduced each act by featuring a portion of a skit portraying a family’s journey in an airport. To match the theme, even the ushers dressed up as flight attendants – pointing viewers to their seats and making them aware of the exit pathways.

This year’s show incorporated several different acts, ranging all the way from opera to interpretive dance. The night featured many instrumental acts, including a guitar solo, a piano solo, and a violin solo. We loved hearing the captivating music they made through their instruments. The audience was thrilled by many different dance performances: K-pop, interpretive dance, and more were brilliantly executed by our students. The performers also entranced us with their beautiful singing – various blends of vocal ensembles, solos and raps. There were even several original compositions by both students and parents! The audience got to laugh along at different skits that students performed or even wrote. The skilled actors brought joy to both kids and adults alike.

All in all, Talent Night 2018 was a delightful experience, blessing students, staff and parents with the amazing talents that God has graciously given the members of our Faith community.



  • Written by Grace Ransom, grade 10