The Wizard of Oz


“I’ll get you my pretty! And you’re little dog too!” Sucked into Oz after a twister sweeps up her house, Dorothy Gale enters into a world projected by her view of her life in Kansas in the form of fantastical creatures. With her new three friends, Scarecrow, Lion, and Tinman, Dorothy journeys to see the Wizard of Oz in order to get a brain for Scarecrow, a heart for Tinman, the nerve for Lion, and a home for herself. The Wizard commands them to fetch the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West in repayment for the granting of these requests and they set off on a journey that proves that they don’t need the Wizard in order to achieve their desires and what they feel are their own shortcomings – and maybe even slay the Wicked Witch on the way.

Many hours were put into the production of Wizard of Oz at Faith Academy. From the repetition of dance steps to the meticulous design of costuming, many students and staff put hundreds of hours into this production in order to make it what you saw onstage. Not to mention the people running around backstage, hurrying to move around one of the largest and most varying sets that Faith has ever had. In the Orchestra pit and in the tech booth, many others spent hours of their time making sure that the show sounded and looked great once it hit the stage, not to mention the hair and makeup crews working to make everyone look how they were supposed to all the way into the second act! And of course, the rehearsals and the show would not have happened without the amazing director, Mrs. French.

Show week arrived quickly this year. With the combination of many school trips and a delayed March Break, the show pounced as soon as the cast arrived back to school. However, thanks to the hard work of Mrs. French and the cast, we were ready to perform right on time. Performances are exhilarating and stressful all at once and the energy of the cast on opening night was through the roof. Starting at the high bar set on Thursday night, Friday and Saturday shows were increasingly entertaining. Some audience members who attended more than one show commented on how well everyone acted and played together – wishing for more opportunities to see the show. Overall, this production was a strong representation of the hard work that was put in by so many!”

  • Maddy Helwig, Grade 11