You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

For many months, Advanced drama class prepared to showcase their talent through two productions, All My Sons and You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. A few weeks into the semester, the class was split into each of their respective plays, with those who were involved in both practicing with each group, depending on which parts would be worked on that day. Through their extensive after-school sessions during two weeks leading up to the show, the cast, orchestra, tech, and stylists, were able to confidently prepare for the play. The complex musical and theatrical elements of this family-friendly play enhanced the fantastic acting that projected the beloved comic strips into real life.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is a musical comedy consisting of songs with music and lyrics by Clark Gesner. It was the first stage musical based on the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. The first stage performance of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown was in 1967. This musical was performed again by 2018’s Faith Academy Advanced Drama class!

The production dates were November 21, 23 and 24, with the characters Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Snoopy, Pigpen, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Violet, and Shermie. With the amazing cast members skillfully playing these characters, this production flourished all three nights it was performed.

The play radiated of the same kind of ‘immature maturity’ from the comics, in a sense that Charlie Brown encounters problems in his daily life that hold him back from living as happily as he could, and Lucy is faced with the issue of realizing that she is a ‘super crab’ and having a depression because she doesn’t feel worthy of breathing the air that she breathes. Thankfully, Linus was there to remind her that he loved her. Personally, I enjoyed the ironic character of Lucy and the nonchalant indifference of Schroeder to her signals and especially the scene of Sally’s “New Philosophy”. This scene seemed to represent the childishness of accepting any new philosophy and how at a young age, we tend to depend on and believe in new philosophies that are not sound.

The play performance in itself was almost seamless and the singing voices/chorale were astounding. The characters surprised the audience for sure, as each lead role demonstrated a well-rounded talent in stage performance and singing. With astounding consistency, the cast successfully maintained their characters throughout the impressive production. Good Job!~

~Esther Lee (Grade 12)