FA Community Bulletin – January 30, 2019

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Dear Faith Academy Community Member,

This is SEW (Spiritual Emphasis Week) in High School. We have a guest speaker from the USA. Please pray for the chapel times taking place this week that the Lord would use Pastor Mike to challenge our students and staff and for the Holy Spirit to be at work in hearts and lives. Many have been praying for revival on our campus. This would be a great way to pray! Pray also for the ministry day on Friday as our students will be going out into the community to engage with various outreach programs, etc.

Progress on our EIIC Bill – Both the House and the Congress have agreed to pass our bill (praise God!). There is still an “enrollment” process that needs to happen where leaders of both houses of Congress sign off on the bill and officially move it to the desk of the President. This needs to happen in the next few days in order for the bill to continue to progress. Please pray this happens in a timely manner, otherwise we risk losing all that has been accomplished so far.

We are working on staffing for next year. At this point, we still need about 37 new staff. Several of those positions are critical teaching positions. As a community we need to all be approaching the Throne of Mercy and asking God to provide for these needs…won’t you join us!

REMINDER: On Monday, February 18 there will be no classes for students Pre K-12. This will be a work day for staff, but no classes for students.

Serving with you,

Tom Hardeman

Head of School


The Week At A Glance:

January 31

  • Regular school day
  • HSD Chapel
February 1

  • Regular school day
  • MSD Girls OE Squad Overnight
February 2

  • MSD Girls OE Squad Overnight
February 4

  • Regular school day
  • ESD start Swim Unit
  • The Well
February 5

  • Regular school day
  • ESD & MSD Chapel



The 2019 Vehicle Stickers are now available for purchase in the Business Office. The Valley Golf and Country Club has increased the price to 1200 pesos for each vehicle. Please bring a copy of your OR (Official Receipt) for each vehicle. If you have not previously purchased a sticker for your vehicle we will also need to have a copy of your CR (Certificate of registration). For those who have recently purchased a vehicle please bring the deed of sale and copy of the OR.

Faith Academy Security will be reminding drivers of the need to purchase the 2019 sticker. As of February 11, 2019, the Faith Academy security guards will begin the process of pulling drivers without stickers aside to remind drivers to get the sticker.

For those of you who are not aware, Faith Academy purchases a special blue colored sticker from Valley Golf and Country Club as required for passing through the Valley Golf area. While the Golf Club sells other stickers, the blue one, is unique to Faith Academy and is used for entrance onto the Faith campus.


Faith Academy is now requiring all private drivers to have an official Faith Academy ID and lanyard. Please visit the Business Office to arrange for the private driver ID. The cost is 250 pesos.

For those interested in having private drivers park on campus, please visit the  the Business Office.

Frank Cherry – Business Administrator


Dear Families,

If your child is returning next school year and have not registered, the deadline to avail of the $100 registration fee is on January 31, 2019.  Please follow the steps below:


If your child/ren will continue to attend the School Year 2019/20, ALL must complete the Re-Enrollment process TO SAVE YOUR CHILD’S SEAT FOR NEXT SCHOOL YEAR.

Go to https://faith.edu.ph/registration and log in using the username you used to register your child in 2018/19.

Once you are logged on, you must first UPDATE the following information by clicking on top of the existing names in :

Step 1 – Student information

Step 2 – Parents Information-

Step 3 – Employer or Sponsoring Organization (if the Sponsoring Organization was changed, upload the new documents)

Step 4 – Emergency Contact Information (3 persons)

NOTE: There is no need to “ADD a Student or Parent”. Just click on the existing names to update even if all information is still the same. Make sure to go through each page and click submit for the system to recognize it as updated.

Once you have successfully updated all 4 steps (all are GREEN, nothing in RED) the Step 5 will appear so you can then create and submit a new 2019/20 application form.

Step 5 – Click Create Application and choose SY 2019/20 (click the applicable Semesters 1 & 2). Fill up all the fields.

Step 6 – Click to submit.

Step 7 – Enrollment Requirements- Deadline to submit is July 24, 2019 (All applications will stay as “Approved Conditionally”  until all requirements are completed)

Make sure to do the same process for each child to be enrolled. You may opt to pay the Registration fee via online or at the business office.

Kindly take note of the corresponding schedule and registration fee below:

Returning Student Registration Fees For Submitted Applications On or Before

  • December 15 to January 31, 2019, ~ $100 for each child
  • Starting February 1, 2019, ~ $150 for each child

Submission of the Online Application and Application Fee must be received within the same due date period.

Returning Students Boarding Fees :

December 15 to January 31, 2019, ~ $120

Starting February 1, 2019, ~ $145


If you are not returning for the School Year 2019-20, please notify the Registrar

Queenie Tan  ([email protected])


Middle School Parents:

In the next three to four weeks I will be giving tetanus vaccines to any MS student that, according to our records, has not had one in the last 5 years.  If you have any questions about whether your child will receive this vaccine, or if you had it given over break, please stop by or email me as soon as possible. ([email protected])

Sandy Varberg, RN

Health Office


Ladies, come join us as we press pause on our busy lives and get away for a fun weekend together. Time to rest, relax, and refresh ourselves in worship, God’s Word, and creation.

We are excited to have Deonna Tan-Chi come and share with us on Saturday morning. February 22-24, 2019 at Rizal Re-Creation Center.

We hope that you can make this time for yourself – mark it on your calendar, register here, bring a friend and get ready to make some new ones!


We can do nothing without prayer. All things can be done by importunate prayer. It surmounts or removes all obstacles, overcomes every resisting force and gains its ends in the face of invincible hindrances. ~ E.M. Bounds

Friends, let’s come together and pray for our school and our community!

Tuesday mornings at 7:15 am in the Tipunan Prayer Room.


“Looking for a coffee fix on campus? Stop by Brews Brothers at the Snack Shack next to the Campus Store from 6:45AM – 12NN and enjoy great coffee at great prices! See you there!” – Brews Brothers

This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior, all the day long;
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior, all the day long


I will sing of steadfast love and justice to you, O Lord, I will make music

Psalm 101:1 (ESV)


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