FA Community Bulletin – November 20, 2019

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Dear Faith Academy Community Member,

Please be aware that starting soon, possibly this week, our guards will begin stopping vehicles during school hours as they leave campus.  This is for the safety of our students.  We’ve been asked by parents to be more thorough and intentional to ensure any students leaving campus during the school day have received permission to do so.  This increased security measure will take place between the hours of 7:15 to 2:15 on school days only.

Below this article is listed out the expectations for the supervision of Faith Academy students while on campus.  Would you please be sure to read through this policy and be aware of these expectations?  Thank you for your cooperation and ongoing partnership in this regard.

The school would like to increase our level of communications.  In that light, we are searching for a Communications Coordinator.  If you are interested or know someone you’d like to recommend for this position, please contact Marla Henderson, our HR Director at [email protected] .  The HR department is also collecting the names of colleges and universities where people in our community have graduated from in order to send them our staffing needs list.  If you are willing, please send that information to Marla as well.

REMEMBER with us: During this season of giving thanks, let us reflect on God’s amazing provision at this point in time 49 years ago.  On November 19, 1970, Typhoon Yoling blasted right over the top of our campus, destroying many of our buildings, including our brand new gymnasium.  The school was a disaster, and from the outside, it looked like a tragedy we might not recover from. However, God had other plans in mind.  Through the generous gifts from churches and believers that poured in from around the world in response to our need, we were not only able to rebuild what had been destroyed, but we were able to add many new structures such as the V, two new boarding homes, Lambert Hall, new classrooms, an expansion to the library and a retaining wall for White Field.  There were also additional ways that God provided.  The one building that did not receive damage on the campus was the only boarding home at the time with 90+ students sheltering inside.  Grades 7-12 met on the campus of ISM (then called American School) in the afternoons for a couple of months while the rebuilding took place on our campus.  With the additional help provided by the US military servicemen, the school was able to reopen in January, just two months after it was destroyed.  Let us never forget how gracious and generous God has been in the past to us and continues to be even to this day!  Great is His faithfulness!



Serving together,

Tom Hardeman

Head of School

Supervision of Children on Campus

Parents may expect that enrolled students will be under continuous adult supervision during school hours. Outside of school hours, Faith Academy will only assume responsibility for supervision when children are taking part in a school-organized activity (e.g., athletic practice, club meeting, class party). At all other times, there may be no assumption of child supervision unless explicitly announced by the school.

Each division has its own policy about students remaining on campus after school hours on school days. On Tuesday afternoons, however, all children must leave campus unless participating in a school-approved activity with adult supervision. An exception is made for the children of staff members. They must remain in their parent’s classroom or office space. Friends of staff children are not included in this exemption.

Children who are not enrolled as students may not be on campus during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visiting children may attend classes with a friend who is an enrolled student as long as the visitor and friend abide by the policy for visitors in the appropriate divisional handbook. Alumni graduates may visit campus at any time.

When part-time students are on campus during school hours, they must be under the supervision of an adult whenever they are not attending a class. The division principal may choose to arrange for supervision, but if this has not been done, supervision must be provided by the parent or a parent-appointed guardian. Supervision details must be approved by the division principal before part-time students may begin attending classes.

Part-time students, as well as students not enrolled in the school, are restricted from using any teaching space, the library, the pool, the covered courts or the playing fields during school hours. Other public spaces (e.g., tennis courts and weight room) must be vacated whenever required by a staff member. At certain times of the year, arrangements may be made with the Aquatics Supervisor to allow swimming lessons during the school day.


November 21
  • Regular school day
  • Swim Club/Team
  • Diary of Anne Frank – Opening night
November 22

  • Regular school day
  • Earthquake Drill @ 12:51 pm
  • Swim Club/Team
  • Diary of Anne Frank – Second night
November 23

  • Diary of Anne Frank – Final night
November 25

  • Regular school day
  • Swim Club/Team
November 26

  • Regular school day
  • ESD/MSD Chapel



If your child/ren will continue to attend the School Year 2020/21, ALL must complete the Re-Enrollment process TO SAVE YOUR CHILD’S SEAT NEXT SCHOOL YEAR.

Go to https://faith.edu.ph/registration and log on using the Username and Password you used when you registered your student in SY 2019-20.

If you forgot your username please contact the Registrar or IT.   Please do not create a new username account.

Once you are logged on, you must first UPDATE by clicking each step (even if there is no change in your information):

Step 1 – Student information

Step 2 – Parent Information

Step 3 – Employer or Sponsoring Organization (if the Sponsoring Organization was changed, upload the new documents)

Step 4 – Emergency Contact Information

Once you have successfully updated all 4 steps (Steps 1-4 will turn GREEN, nothing in RED) Step 5 will appear.

Step 5 – Click Create Application and choose SY 2020/21 (click the applicable Semesters 1 & 2). Fill up all the fields. Make sure to click the right Grade level.

Step 6 – Click to submit and Pay the Registration fee. You may opt to pay the Registration Fee online or at the business office.

Make sure to do the same process for each child to be enrolled.

Kindly take note of the corresponding registration fees below:

Registration Fees of Submitted Applications On or Before:

  • November 6 to December 14, 2019, ~ $50 for each child
  • December 15 to January 31, 2020, ~ $100 for each child
  • Starting February 1, 2020 ~ $150 for each child

Submission of the Online Application and Application Fee MUST be received within the same due date period.

Step 7 – Enrollment Requirements – Deadline to submit is July 24, 2020

Online Student Health Form Questionnaire – every year

Child Safety Quiz & Anti-Bullying Act- every year

Medical Exam for Kinder, G3, G6, G9 (downloaded and printed/brought to your Physician)

Boarding and Transportation forms if applicable.


Boarding Registration Fees for Returning Students On or Before:

November 6 to December 14. 2019, ~ Application fee $90

December 15 to January 31, 2020, ~ Application fee $120

Starting February 1, 2020, ~ Application fee $145



New Student Registration Fees:

  • December 1 to February 15, 2020, ~ Application fee $150
  • February 16 – March 31, 2020, ~ Application fee $200
  • April 1, 2020, onwards ~ Application fee $250

Boarding Registration Fees New Students – $90

For questions or clarification, please contact the Registrar at [email protected]


Thanks to all who participated in the recent survey about qualities you would like to see in a head of school. The results have been helpful to the Board of Trustees. Please continue to pray that God would fill this important role with the person of His choice.

~ HoS Search Committee


With gratefulness to God for answered prayer and for His provision, I am very pleased to introduce to the FA community our newest Family Counselor: Alyssa Ang.

Alyssa received her college degree in early childhood education and then spent 2 years as a teacher before she was called into full-time ministry with her home church. She worked as a ministry assistant under the church’s missions department. During this time, she was part of a short-term missions team that was sent to Thailand to help out at a missions organization’s international gathering. She ministered to and served with TCKs who spoke of their cross-cultural upbringing and the challenges that came with it. This experience serving TCKs eventually led her to pursue further training and Alyssa is currently in the Masters degree program in Pastoral Counseling at the Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) with the goal of becoming trained and equipped to better serve MKs and TCKs more effectively.

Since becoming a graduate student in counseling, she and a couple other ATS students have been conducting psycho-education seminars on heart listening and raising mental health awareness. As a group, they hope to lessen the stigma of mental illnesses and create a safe space where people feel free to access the help that they need. As a spiritual companion, Alyssa hopes that she can help come alongside people in their own journeys of faith and care for them in the way of Jesus.

Alyssa is available on Tuesdays from 7 AM to 4 PM at the Faith Academy Family Counseling Center and she is fluent in both English and Tagalog. To schedule an appointment with Alyssa, please contact her directly as follows:

E-mail: [email protected]

Cell phone:  0917-502-8110



Come and enjoy a Taco-in-a-Bag meal before the Diary of Anne Frank play on Thursday, November 21.  For 120 pesos, you will get a Taco-in-a-Bag meal with a cup of iced tea.  Add P30 and you can also enjoy a homemade dessert with your meal.

Dinner will be served in Tipunan Hall from 5 pm until 6 pm by the Middle School Senate.


Plan to stop by for dinner and grab a Roast Chicken meal complete with rice, a side and a drink for 200 pesos in Tipunan on Friday and Saturday shows brought to you by the Junior Class.

We are also selling baked goods and drinks for intermission.  Get your fix of red velvet cupcakes, doughnuts and more on all show dates.

Thank you for supporting the Middle School Senate and Junior Class.  See you all!


Come and experience the joy of praying together for our school and our kids! 7:15-8:30 am every Tuesday morning in the Tipunan prayer room.


The Korean missionaries will be having a concert entitled “FRIENDSHIP CONCERT”.  Featuring the following groups:

The His Sounds (Filipino Choir)

Korean Missionaries Choir

Hiyas (Filipino Traditional Dance)

Korean Elders Choir

Mark your calendars – November 26, 2019, 5 pm

Faith Academy, Cadd Theater

Tickets are selling at the gate on the day of the concert @ 150 pesos.



Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side.
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In every change, He faithful will remain..”


 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them,

for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.    Deuteronomy 31:6

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