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Dear Faith Community Member,

We have had an unusual number of both student and staff illnesses lately with many student absences.  Please pray for the cycle of illness to stop and for health to be restored to our community.

The safety and well being of our students is a top priority for us. Several issues have come up recently that prompted us to create some clearer guidelines outlined in the policy below. Please read through the policy and be aware of our commitment to follow up on these areas.

Serving with you,

Tom Hardeman
Head of School

Supervision of Children on Campus

Parents may expect that enrolled students will be under continuous adult supervision during school hours. Outside of school hours, Faith Academy will only assume responsibility for supervision when children are taking part in a school-organized activity (e.g., athletic practice, club meeting, class party). At all other times, there may be no assumption of child supervision unless explicitly announced by the school.

Each division has its own policy about students remaining on campus after school hours on school days. On Tuesday afternoons, however, all children must leave campus unless participating in a school-approved activity with adult supervision. An exception is made for the children of staff members. They must remain in their parent’s classroom or office space. Friends of staff children are not included in this exemption.

Children who are not enrolled as students may not be on campus during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visiting children may attend classes with a friend who is an enrolled student as long as the visitor and friend abide by the policy for visitors in the appropriate divisional handbook. Alumni graduates may visit campus at any time.

When part-time students are on campus during school hours, they must be under the supervision of an adult whenever they are not attending a class. The division principal may choose to arrange for supervision, but if this has not been done, supervision must be provided by the parent or a parent-appointed guardian. Supervision details must be approved by the division principal before part-time students may begin attending classes.

Part-time students, as well as students not enrolled in the school, are restricted from using any teaching space, the library, the pool, the covered courts or the playing fields during school hours. Other public spaces (e.g., tennis courts and weight room) must be vacated whenever required by a staff member. At certain times of the year, arrangements may be made with the Aquatics Supervisor to allow swimming lessons during the school day.


September 19

  • Regular school day
  • Swim Club (after school)
September 20

  • Regular school day
  • MUN Locals @ ISM
  • VB @ Brent
  • 1st Season Teams Photos
September 21

  • MUN Locals @ ISM
September 23

  • Regular school day
  • Lock-down Drill
  • Swim Club/Team
  • Lifeguard training
September 24

  • Regular school day
  • ESD/MSD Chapel


New Applications for the 2nd Semester of SY 2019/20 will be received up until November 15, 2019. The last day to be tested both for Part 1 & 2 is on November 22, 2019. All interviews need to be done by November 29, 2019.

Thank you!

~ Registrar’s Office


We plan to hold the Open House on October 25 (Friday) from 12:00 noon – 4:00 pm with a Campus Tour and Information Session. Details to follow.

If you know of people who might be interested in applying their children to Faith Academy either for School Year 2019/20 2nd Semester OR School Year 2020/21, please do invite and encourage them to come!

They can email the Registrar so their names can be on the list of invited guests.

For questions, please contact the registrar at [email protected]


WANTED: Talented individuals in need of a stage!  The Junior Class invites the Faith Academy community to audition for this year’s Talent Night on January 18, 2020.

Audition Dates:  September 30 & October 2

Times: 2:30 – 5:00 each day

Where: Cadd Theater

Content: Audition content should match your performance content.  Polishing can come later.

Length: Audition should be 3 minutes in length. If you really think you’ll need more than 3 minutes, sign up for two slots.

Please pick up an audition form and sign up on the Fine Arts Bulletin Board near the main Poppinga Hall staircase.  Please bring a completed audition form when you come to auditions.

Contact Raine Aguilar or Dennis Chow if you have any questions.


Mark your calendars!

SY 2019-20 Performing Arts events will soon begin in Cadd Fine Arts Center.

  • Middle School Opening Concert – September 26, 3:30pm
  • High School Opening Concert – October 3, 6 pm
  • Alice in Wonderland Jr. – October 24, 3:30pm – October 25-26, 6:30pm
  • The Diary of Anne Frank – November 21-23, 6:30 pm
  • Middle School Christmas Concert – December 5, 3:30pm
  • High School Christmas Concert – December 12, 6 pm
  • Elementary Christmas Program – December 13, 9 am


We have been entrusted with the gift of a wonderful facility and performing arts program, thank you for joining us in being good stewards of the space and the hard work that goes into events by keeping up the following standards, whether the event is in the Theater, Tipunan or Meeting Hall:

  • Help us keep the lobby nice. It is not a playground or a bedroom. It is a parent workspace during the day and should not be used as a napping place. Students may pass through but may not hang out before, during, after school or any other time. Students may only sit when the lobby is open during an event.
  • Respect and value the work that goes into concerts and productions by dressing accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to keep uniform or better as your standard and avoid overly casual or sweaty workout apparel.
  • Food and drink should be kept outside the lobby and theater, including all sealed/lidded drinks except water bottles. Unless it is designated dinner theater, this is true for all performances regardless of venue. If you do spill something in a carpeted area of a Cadd space please let Cadd staff or Sodexo know so it can be cleaned up well.
  • Reserved seating is marked with a green cover. The green covers may also create a perimeter for group seating. Please do not sit in a seat marked with or inside the perimeter of those sections. Also, kindly avoid propping your feet up on the furniture.
  • Silence your cell phones or, even better, turn them off completely during events to avoid distraction from the performance. Additionally, your phone’s wireless signals really do interfere with the mics. “But what about airplane mode? I NEED that boomerang or it just didn’t happen!” If you are going to use your device in airplane mode kindly choose to sit to the side, back, or in the balcony instead of disturbing those behind with your screen.
  • Entering and exiting an event should be kept to a minimum and during applause whenever possible. Please watch attentively and quietly and do not let your children run in the aisles or leave them to play in the lobby. Elementary age children should be attended by their parents. Unattended middle and high school students will also be expected to behave accordingly or may be asked to exit.
  • For your safety please leave large bags at the usher closet so as not to block aisles in an emergency. If an alarm occurs stay calm and quiet so that announcements and instructions can be heard.
    • In case of a fire alarm, exit calmly and quickly to the grassy area of the circle.
    • In case of a lock-down or earthquake crouch between seats and protect your head.


Come and experience the joy of praying together for our school and our kids! 7:15-8:30 am every Tuesday morning in the Tipunan Prayer Room.



When? September 20, Friday, 3 pm

Where? @Meeting Hall (just below Tipunan)

How much? @500 pesos per person (parent & student same rate)

Please pay at the Business Office by Thursday, Sept. 19.

This is open to everyone in the Faith Academy Community.

~ Jojo Chan

for the Fil-Chinese Community

Are we weak and heavy laden,
cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge;
take it to the Lord in prayer

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.   Psalm 46:1

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