The Music Man


The Music Man is a musical featuring charming con man Professor Harold Hill making his latest swindle in River City, Iowa. The Professor, who himself does not know anything about music, builds his con by convincing the town of the serious trouble they’re in, trouble that can only be resolved by paying the professor to form a boy’s band. The only catch is that the professor needs to evade the suspicion of the town’s music teacher, Marian Paroo.



Faith Academy students prepared for months to showcase their talents in this musical featuring 52 students in the cast, 22 in the pit orchestra, and over 50 involved in stage, tech, and production crews. The cast worked hard to learn songs, memorize lines, and perform complex dances choreographed by both director and students.



The show was a beautiful showcase of Mrs. Lori French’s masterful direction. The Music Man was both her first and (possibly) last musical at Faith Academy. Her legacy of 27 years in the drama department, exemplified in the lasting impact she has made on her students, and the amazing productions she has put on yearly was rightfully rewarded with a standing ovation at the closing night of The Music Man.


From the playful humor brilliantly portrayed by our student actors to the skillfully executed large dance numbers to the amazing vocal and musical performance of our talented community, Faith Academy’s 2019 rendition of The Music Man left audiences smiling throughout the whole production.


Grace Ransom (Grade 11)