Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19

Based on government restrictions, we plan to hold online classes for the first semester. If government restrictions change during the semester, we may be able to offer some activities on campus. At this time, we are hoping to return to face-to-face classes for the second semester.

Many resources will be online, so consistent high-speed internet access is necessary. Students will need access to a device that can stream video and can utilize Google Apps. If your child(ren) needs a Chromebook, one may be checked out from the school. Parental supervision will be a critical element to student success.

While some learning may be completed on a flexible schedule, there will be times when students are required to be online during specific hours for live interactions.

There was not enough lead time to develop a robust/coherent program during the fourth quarter before we moved to distance learning. For the 2020-2021 school year, we have more time to provide training for our teachers and develop a program that will provide an excellent education holding to our core values.

Yes, that is an option, but please contact your division principal if you are planning on not being in the country during distance learning.

Yes. We will allow all students who are registered for the school year who do not attend first semester to have their seats reserved for second semester.

Unfortunately, boarding is not an option. The same government restrictions that do not allow us to hold classes on campus prevent us from running our boarding program.

As soon as we are able to allow students to return to campus, we will make a plan on how to resume activities safely.

Yes, tuition will be reduced during online learning. Adjusted rates will be announced through our Business Office.