Head of School Update – November 9

  • The Administration is so grateful for your prayers and support.
  • The Administration looked at the parent survey results, and the majority of our families would send their children back to face-to-face classes, if possible.
  • They also identified distance learning as having a negative impact on the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of their children. The main concern with a face-to-face model was their children’s physical wellbeing.
  • There are some families that said that they would not send their children to school for face-to-face classes, and some of those who said they wouldn’t send their children to classes would allow their children to come to campus for some activities. 
  • As a team, we desire to return to face-to-face classes second semester if we are permitted to by the government and if the students and families that are out of the country are able to return to the Philippines.
  • Since we don’t want to make an uninformed decision, we are waiting for more clarity from the local and national governments before we come to a final decision.
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