Online Learning

Dear Amazing Faith Academy Community Families,

The admin team met for a couple of hours today. We had a lengthy discussion about how school should look going forward. With President Duterte’s recent decision to extend the lockdown and quarantine until April 30, we felt the need to make a more long term call regarding the online education we are currently offering. Continuing to wait, to possibly call classes back on campus IF the restrictions are lifted is creating more anxiety and uncertainty on so many fronts.

As much as we’d all like to be back on campus, we concluded the best decision at this time is to commit to running online classes through the end of this school year. In this scenario, the final day of classes would be Friday, May 29. There are other questions yet to be answered, such as, “What if the restrictions are lifted, will there be any gatherings or school activities for the rest of the year or at the end of school?” Those are issues we will tackle once we know more information from the government. We hope that this decision provides some certainty and stability for everyone involved, enabling all of us to plan and anticipate with more clarity.

Principals will communicate additional information relevant to each division of the school.

God’s presence and blessings be upon you and your household, today and always.


Tom Hardeman

Head of School