Partnering to Feed Our Neighbors

Feeding Report

When the Coronavirus started impacting the Philippines and President Duterte called for an “enhanced quarantine.” This meant a total work stoppage, and the inability for millions to work, and therefore feed their families. While the government promised to feed the masses, very little help has actually materialized. A big challenge came in accessing funds. Several local families and several International friends have donated to help feed our neighbors. We have worked through ‘Living Words by Faith’ Church that began during the construction of Faith Academy’s Cadd Theatre. Faith Academy staff, Kevin and Stella Stroud-Lusk, have worked hand in hand with the church for over 10 years. Pastor Lloyd Otida and his team have been impacting the Informal Settlements of Penny Lane and Dose since the church began. We have chosen to work through the church so that salvation and discipleship are a natural tandem in their ministry. We then contacted the Barangay (neighborhood) leaders so as to reinforce order and their leadership. They have been exceedingly grateful for the food we have been able to distribute. We are gathering food for about 1800 people three times a week. The food given is probably enough for 2 meals. One woman shared these words via Facebook messenger after a feeding-

thank you so much sir, for your help and also your team … I’m praying for you all the time .. God bless you po … thank you so much … the relief goods are very helpful for us … we have no work but God is good all the time .. our great provider …

We rejoice that the Lord has allowed us to be a part of feeding His creation during these turbulent days. May they have food for the physical as well as hope for their spiritual souls! All praise to Him!!

~Don MacKay