Board of Trustees

The Board is composed of fifteen members and three non-voting members, each member representing a different mission. The Board for school year 2016-2017 was elected in February 29, 2016 using the approved qualifications and procedures. The qualifications for a mission to have a Board member are: will have averaged, over the previous and current school year, at least one full-time equivalent staff and five students at Faith Academy or at least three full-time equivalent staff, and will have at least one full-time equivalent staff during the initial year the nominee will serve on the Board. Furloughing staff members fulfill these requirements.

Qualifying missions submit nominations for board members. Board members serve 3-year terms; only 5 of the 15 Board seats come up for election each year. Those nominated but not elected will serve as non-voting members and will be on one of the Board’s standing committees. Board members serve not to lobby for the interests of their individual missions, but instead serve the wider mission community through having the school’s best interests in mind.

Each Board member serves on one of three standing committees – the Assessment Committee, the Vision and Resource Committee, or the Finance Committee. Members focus on such larger issues as policy, planning for the future, and evaluation. The Board meets at least six times a year. By Board policy, Board meetings are “open to all interested parties within the school community. Permission to speak will only be granted by the Executive Committee upon prior written request.


Board Members School Year 2016-2017

Dave Clinton FL  (First Love)
Hans Colenbrander OMF
Mike Gingerich ACTION
Karen Griffiths SIL
Marla Henderson OC
Kyungjin Koh PCK
Anke Malessa OMF
Stephen McKnight AOG
Steve Pardue Teach Beyond
Tom Potter Teach Beyond
Steve Quakenbush SIL
Christine Ralston WV/CBM
Scot Riggins NAZ
Robert Smith NTM
HoKil Song HSIM
Barbara Wilkinson Converge/BGC