Child Safety Procedures Flowchart

Indicator Received

Anyone in the school community who has a concern regarding child safety should submit an Indicator of Concern Form as soon as possible.

An Indicator of Concern is anything that a member of the FA community has heard, noticed or experienced that may be related to child safety.

Preliminary Stage

Preliminary Committee: Supervising Administrator or Head of School (HoS), Child Safety Team (CST) Rep, & Admin/CST Rep

The Preliminary Committee will process each Indicator within two business days. During school holidays, the Indicator will be processed as soon as possible.

The decision on whether an Indicator will be handled by the CST is determined by whether it appears to meet the FA definition of abuse. If it does not, it will be handled administratively.

This stage is not a formal inquiry and not an investigation.

All Indicators will be kept in the confidential CST file regardless of the outcome.

Child Safety Team

Informs the Head of School (HoS)

CST determines if there is reasonable cause for Inquiry

When an indicator is referred to the CST, this committee will determine if a formal inquiry is required to establish whether the incident meets the FA definition of abuse.

At this stage, the CST may also conclude that the Indicator requires no formal inquiry or that it be given back to the Supervising Administrator. This decision will be noted in the confidential CST file.

Supervising Administrator

Follows up on Indicator

Submits a report to CST

Division or Department policies and practices will be followed in response to the Indicator

A summary report of the process and action taken will be given to the CST. The report will include:

  • people involved in the process
  • what was done to ascertain information
  • summary of the information
  • outcomes or decisions
  • action plan/s
  • outline nature & frequency of follow-up
  • if a staff member, a brief outline of the report and the action plan will be included in their personnel file in the HR office

Is a formal inquiry required?



No Further Action Required

An Indicator report is considered closed if it is determined that no formal inquiry is required. This decision will be noted in the confidential CST file.

All necessary parties will be notified.

Inform Relevant Parties

CST will inform the relevant parties that the situation is moving to the Inquiry Team.

The identification of the relevant parties will be determined by the support needed by those being investigated.

Relevant parties may include the sending organization and sending church. Parents of students will be informed unless they are involved in the incident.

Inquiry Team

The Inquiry Team determines if the Indicator meets the FA definition of abuse.

The Inquiry Team is composed of a minimum of three trained individuals who will gather information.

Team members are required to be objective, unbiased, and respected within their organizations and trained in child safety investigations.

The Team will include representatives of both genders, and when possible, individuals of the same first language and/ or culture of those involved.

Statement of Findings (SOF)

The final draft of the SoF is produced based on consensus of the Inquiry team and the CST, with the approval of the Head of School.

The SoF is comprised of conclusions, recommendations, and action plans

Sharing & Implementation of SoF

Relevant parties will receive appropriate sections of the SoF.

The CST will follow up the action steps outlined in the SoF.