Message from the Head of School


Welcome to Faith Academy. It is my joy and pleasure to serve as Head of School for this fine institution. Faith Academy has enjoyed God’s faithful hand of blessing and provision year after year for 61 years. As a faith-based organization, it is always exciting to see how God provides for our staffing needs year after year, especially since we do not pay our staff, but they all come as supported missionaries. The heart of Faith Academy is to come alongside and partner with families for the education and spiritual nourishment of their children.

One of the most amazing and unique things about our community is the incredible unity of spirit we enjoy. Coming from a myriad of denominational backgrounds, with more than 50 mission organizations represented on the staff and more than 90 in the full community, there is plenty of room for argument and disagreement over a host of issues. However, there is little to none of such dissension. Instead there is a prevailing spirit of cooperation, collaboration, partnership, and teamwork. This makes for a delightful atmosphere in which to work and serve the community. This is a true gift and blessing from God. To all of this and more we return thanks to our Lord and Saviour and look forward to serving you.

To God be the glory!


Tom Hardeman

Head of School