Message from the Head of School

Welcome to Faith Academy, a school founded by the grace of God over 60 years ago to meet the educational needs of the children of missionaries serving throughout Asia. From the beginning the school has operated in faith that God would supply the finances and staffing from year to year in order to function.  Over those years the school has experienced significant shifts and changes in the missional landscape. We have seen the exodus of several long-term Western mission agencies from our area, thus dramatically impacting our Western MK enrollment. Faith has had an influx of Asian missionaries, especially from Korea, to the extent that currently Korean MKs are our largest demographic in the student body. Also there is a general move away from mission agencies recruiting staff for the school thus increasing our burden to be much more proactive in the recruitment process. And finally, a change in local government recognition has made it possible for the school to accept students from local Filipino Christian families where this was not possible in the past. As a result, Faith Academy is quite different than when we opened our doors in 1957.

Two years ago the school, through a strategic planning process, reaffirmed our core commitment of supporting the work of missions in Asia. In order to accomplish this goal it was decided that by the year 2022 we would offer tuition-free education to children of full time missionary families in the area. Once again, this goal is stretching our faith to rely on God to bring the necessary additional staffing in order to make this dream a reality.

In addition to this target we have launched a new program this year entitled LEAP. This stands for Learning English for Academic Purposes. The goal of this program is to enable us to partner with families serving the Lord in countries in Asia where a Christian education is not available. The LEAP program takes in Middle School students in order to immerse them in English with the goal of mainstreaming them by High School. This is yet another means of assisting the spread of the Gospel throughout Asia.

It is a true joy and pleasure to serve the Lord in an environment where the focus is on supporting the spread of the Gospel. This objective serves to unite our very diverse staff and keeps us marching in the same direction, loving students and supporting the common goal of educating them in a spiritually rich environment.

To God be the glory!

Tom Hardeman

Head of School