The international nature and mission of the school are best reflected by a curriculum that draws on strengths from a variety of educational sources, as opposed to a reliance on one specific standard or approach. Each grade level has an identified curriculum that is delivered to students. Subject content is organized into standards and learning benchmark statements for effective delivery of the curriculum. Scope and Sequence charts give a year-long overview of topics and units of work which are taught. Elementary staff is involved in curriculum development and textbook selection, updating each subject area every five years.


Class loads vary each year, with approximately 15 in PreK, 20 in Kindergarten, 22 in 1st Grade, 24 in 2nd Grade, and 26 in Grades 3-5.


A classroom teacher at Faith Academy is required to follow the school’s developed curriculum and agreed upon instructional practices and approaches. It is expected that teaching staff at Faith Academy work collaboratively, have the desire to develop their teaching skills, and work hard to integrate their Christian Faith into all aspects of classroom and school life. An Elementary classroom teacher is responsible for teaching Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. Extensive published and in-house resources are in place to support teaching in these areas. When staffing allows, students with learning difficulties are serviced in the Elementary Learning Center and by the Discovery Program (National Institute of Learning Disabilities).



Faith Academy Elementary School has specialized staff whose responsibility is to teach a single subject (Music, Band, Strings, Art, P.E., E.L.L., Tagalog & Library) to all elementary students Pre K through Grade 5.