Advanced Placement(AP)

Faith Academy is one of nine schools in the Philippines that run the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program. The AP program has been in place at Faith Academy since 1986, and courses are offered across a variety of departments. An average of 10 different AP courses are offered each year, and those courses enable high school students to earn college credit, place out of college course requirements, or both. Students who enroll in an AP course are expected to register and pay for the AP exam in May. Students may also study for a subject on their own or register for an online course and then take an AP exam at Faith Academy, also for a fee. The AP Coordinator can be emailed for the current list of courses and exams that are available.

“AP is recognized in the admissions process by more than 4,000 universities worldwide, and outside the U.S., more than 600 universities in more than 65 countries recognize qualifying AP Exam scores.”

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Email FA AP Coordinator <[email protected]>