International General Certificate of Secondary Education

These international, culturally sensitive, and highly respected IGCSE courses from Cambridge University, UK (CIE) are offered at Faith Academy. Students from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and other European and Commonwealth Countries will find them similar in style and rigor to courses in their home countries. American and Korean students also often elect to take these courses, treating them as honors courses, because they prepare students thoroughly for future AP studies. There is high recognition of these courses throughout the world, including in Korea and the USA. These courses emphasize higher-level thinking skills and application, making the process of learning just as important as the examination result. Most students take a mixture of IGCSE subjects and US courses for High School credit. All students take IGCSE Biology and either IGCSE First or Second Language English.


Courses Offered


English Language, English Literature

Fluency in English is developed through two courses. English Language is taken in Grade 9. The English Language course develops skills of comprehension, analysis, synthesis, and the drawing of inferences. Strong writing skills are developed through a portfolio. English Literature, taught in Grade 10, consists of the study of poetry, drama and the novel. This course is designed to build critical reading skills needed for more advanced study.

English as a Second Language

Faith Academy’s English language learners are usually asked to take this course in Grade 9. Writing, reading, listening and speaking skills are all developed and taught using methods that are particularly effective for language learners. Literature studies are included, and seek to approximate the English I course. A grade of C or higher is recognized worldwide as evidence that the student has achieved a level of English sufficient for entry into an English-speaking college or university.

Korean First Language

This course is offered to students whose first language is Korean. Fluency in Korean is developed, as are skills in analysis and synthesis. Comprehension and the use of a variety of writing styles are emphasized.


This course integrates algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability. Able students have found it to be a strong preparation for Pre-Calculus.

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Science is offered in single, year-long courses (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) as staffing allows. There is an emphasis on relevant, practical, everyday examples, applications and experimentation.


Reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills are equally developed in these courses, preparing students for the examination. Language content covers a range of authentic, everyday situations within cultural context.


This course is designed to stimulate interest in the past. Key life-long learning skills are developed through looking in-depth at the events of the 20th Century. Students study events such as the World Wars, peacemaking, the world economic crisis, fascism, communism, decolonization, the cold war, and current international cooperation.


This course, offered if staffing permits, develops an understanding of the environment and man’s interaction with it. Topics cover population, settlement, land forms, climate, natural vegetation, economic development, and the use of resources. These are studied at different scales: local, regional, and global. Fieldwork and map skills are an integral part of the course.

Religious Studies

Acts and a gospel (Matthew or Luke) are studied in detail.


IGCSE Music covers vocal or instrumental performance in an instrument of the student’s choice. It also teaches composition and listening skills appropriate for musical appreciation and analysis.

Other courses are offered to meet individual needs as they arise.

We allow private students to take exams at our center, but only in May/June session and only in subjects that our students are doing. For more details, please contact the IGCSE coordinator at [email protected].

For more information regarding the IGCSE program, please visit the official IGCSE websites below. Thank you.

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