Korean Studies Program

Faith Academy’s Korean Studies Program, led by Korean instructors, has been offered since 2004. This program allows interested students to study Korean Language, Korean History, and Korean Civics. Korean students are currently the largest student population at Faith Academy.

Faith’s Korean Studies Program includes:

Elementary School Division:

  • Korean language classes are provided to strengthen the first language of Korean students and thus increase their aptitude for learning English.

Middle School Division:

  • Korean Civics class, which includes basic Korean history and culture, offered in grade 8. Students receive social science credit for this course. FA TOPIK (Test of proficiency in Korean) is held once a year to determine eligibility to take Korean in high school.

High School Division:

  • Korean Language 1, 2 and Korean history 1, 2. A separate Korean language class is available for non-native Korean speakers, based upon demand. High school level FA TOPIK is held once a year. Faith also offers a re-entry seminar for seniors who choose to go to Korean college.