Middle School



Faith Academy Middle School

The Middle School at Faith Academy offers a dynamic and relevant education preparing students to be Christ-like, lifelong learners. We aim for high academic standards within a collaborative and interactive environment.



Each student is expected to take core courses each year: English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Bible. Grade 6 also takes Reading daily. Physical Education is taken by every student, four times a week for grades 7 & 8 and every second day for grade 6. Over the three years of middle school, students are required to complete two semesters of Performing Arts, two semesters of Computer, one semester of Practical Arts, and one semester of Art. Qualifying students may take high school level Algebra in 8th grade.



School operates from the beginning of August to the end of May. Students have eight class periods per day, each approximately forty-five minutes. The day begins at 7:10 a.m. and concludes at 2:23 p.m., with optional activities after that. The school year of 180 days is divided into two semesters.



Faith Academy Middle School offers a varied after-school club program each quarter. Teachers offer activities that are of interest to them and students select from these. The program offers non-competitive sports with a small selection of competitive sports as well. The Student Senate is responsible for Friendship Week, lunchtime activities, parties, the Middle School Banquet, and other events. Two other major activities are Barkadas and Outdoor Education.