MSD Activities

Annual Events and Weekly


There are many opportunities and competitions in which students can become actively involved and aim for excellence.

Annual Events

  • Friendship Week
    Activities during this week are designed to help students strengthen and make new friendships, especially those who are new to Faith Academy. It is also designed to build school spirit early in the year. Students have the opportunity to dress up according to daily themes and participate in interactive team games on Friday afternoon.
  • Christmas Party
    The Student Senate organizes this social event, which is usually an ice cream and cookie dessert evening with entertainment provided by middle school students and staff.
  • Outdoor Ed
    Outdoor Education is a yearly offering in the month of February for a period of five days. It takes place in one of three off-campus locations which rotate on a yearly basis. The purpose of Outdoor Ed is to create an experience outside of the normal school setting that places students in cooperative learning activities with an educational emphasis. There is a spiritual emphasis program in the evenings to challenge students to have a deeper relationship with God. An adult squad leader is assigned to each squad of 7 to 12 students. More information about Outdoor Ed. <link to page>
  • Science Fair/Speech Tournament
    This event alternates each year between the S.T.E.M. Expo and the Speech Tournament. Both 7th and 8th graders are required to participate, so they experience both events over the two years. Sixth graders observe with a view to prepare themselves for future years.
  • End of Year Banquet
    The Student Senate organizes this banquet event. They choose a theme, decorate the hall, and audition students for performances during the evening. Students dress more formally, but dates are not allowed for the Middle School End of Year Banquet.
  • Barkadas
    Each student is placed into one of four Barkadas, which are a mixture of Grade 6, 7, & 8 students. A series of Barkada activities are held throughout the first semester. Many of these are competitions for Barkada points and some are for social interaction. The goals of Barkada events are to help develop godly character qualities and build good relationships with a variety of people as well as build school spirit. The Barkadas are able to gain points towards winning the prized “Barkada Bowl.”

Weekly Events

  • Clubs
    There are two days in the week where clubs are offered after school. All teachers are involved sometime during the year with offering a club of their choice. Clubs are optional for students; they get involved by signing up for one or two days a week. Students get the choice each quarter to sign up for new clubs or sometimes continue through in the same one.
  • Chapels
    Chapel time is part of the weekly schedule and is where the whole Middle School gathers together. The Middle School Chaplain is in charge of these chapels.
  • PHAT
    Pursuing Holiness And Truth is a weekly after school activity designed for spiritual enrichment and fun that students are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Worship Team
    Students have an opportunity to try out and participate in the worship team by playing a musical instrument or singing. This team helps lead the worship time during chapels.