Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Education is a yearly offering in the month of February. The whole middle school packs up and goes to a historical, scientifically interesting, or cultural spot in the Philippines.

Outdoor Ed takes place in a series of off-campus locations for a period of five days. The purpose is to create an experience outside of the normal school setting that places students in cooperative learning activities with an educational emphasis. There is a spiritual emphasis program in the evenings to challenge students to have a deeper relationship with God. Our ultimate goal is for students to grow spiritually and emotionally.

In February 2016, we will venture to Bataan and Corregidor! Our emphasis is on history, teamwork, evangelism, outdoor cooking and, as always, spiritual renewal and growth. A dedicated staff will be working hard all week to make sure this program is the best ever. Please be in prayer for our students as they venture out this week.

Here is a basic description of what to expect on this particular Outdoor Ed. (OE):

MONDAY, the first day of OE: The students will board buses and journey out to Limay, Bataan, the site of the Luzon Baptist Camp. They will take one side trip to Capas Memorial, the end of the death march, and another side trip up Mt. Samat for a brief history of the Battle of Bataan where they will go up the 200 foot high cross to look out over Manila Bay. Later that day, at camp, they will receive orientation, dinner, and participate in squad introductions. We will hear a message from a selected speaker.


TUESDAY-THURSDAY: Squads will be split into three traveling groups, and over the next three days will spend one day in each of the three sites. Those sites are the Base Camp (Luzon Baptist Camp) and two camps on Corregidor Island. Each site will have its own program.

Base Camp – Ministry to a local school, team building “amazing race”, cooking their own “foil dinners,” and worship service;

Corregidor Island – Tour the batteries, visit the museum, Malinta tunnel light & sound show, hikes, and an evening message;

Corregidor Island – This second day on Corregidor is a new adventure and we will be working on the logistics but we hope to do some team building activities and game and service hours on the actual island to help preserve this historic place. Lastly, we always end the day with a worship service to challenge everyone in their walk with Christ.

FRIDAY: Students leave Bataan and return to Manila.

Corregidor: Information and History

In February, 2017, students will spend one full day at Taal, which is an active volcano. They will experience gushing fumaroles and mud pots at a close, but safe, distance, feeling the heat and smelling volcanic gases. Another day is spent at Dive & Trek, where students will see the beauty and wonders of God under the sea by snorkeling or doing an exploratory dive. Lastly, they will spend one day at a beach where they will participate in an outreach activity to the local Filipino community. Through these experiences, devotions, and chapels, students will be challenged to grow in their relationship with God.

Taal: Information and History

Here is a basic description of what to expect on this particular Outdoor Ed. (OE):

MONDAY, the first day of OE: Students depart on buses from Faith Academy and travel to Ocean Adventure, where students see a few shows, including dolphins and sea lions. They view some aquariums and learn about different ocean life. After this activity, the students are transported to the Base Site, where they will have dinner and an evening program. There will be a spiritual emphasis speaker that evening, followed by Squad Introductions embedded in a show format. Games and snacks finish the evening.

TUESDAY-THURSDAY: The squads are subdivided into three traveling groups. Each travelling group rotates through three locations: JEST, Base, and Beach.

JEST Site: Jungle Education Survival Training. Trained guides will lead students on a hike through the rainforest, teaching students about the vegetation and wildlife. They will camp by a stream, and their guides will help fashion their eating utensils from bamboo. They will learn to make a fire without matches and  cook their meal in a “pot” – a bamboo tube. An evening program will feature a speaker who will challenge them in their walk with God.

Base Site: In the morning ministry component, students interact with elementary school children in a variety of ways – songs, games, and learning activities. In the afternoon, squads participate in team-building games and low ropes activities. Evening activities also include worship and a message.

Beach Site: Students visit the Pawikan (Turtle) Conservation Center; this center gathers and protects sea turtle eggs. The students study baby turtles, learning many interesting facts about sea turtles and how to protect them. The highlight is releasing the baby sea turtles into the ocean in the evening. Students also learn about mangroves, their importance, and each plant a seedling. After a busy morning, they play games on the beach and have a time of relaxing. In the evening, they sing and listen to a spiritually challenging message. The finale is sleeping on the beach, covered with a blanket of stars.

FRIDAY, the final day of OE: All squads clean their sites and pack up, returning to the Base Site and heading back at Faith Academy.

Subic:Information and History


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