Application Checklist


Before you create a new application here are a few things to gather together:

  • Passport and Visa Information (if you are a foreign passport holder)
  • Educational Documents from previous schools (if available)
  • A letter of introduction from your sponsoring agency/company if you would like your application to be considered for reduced tuition rates


A letter of introduction should:

  • Be written by your sponsoring organization
  • Be written on¬†letterhead from your organization
  • Include the organization’s main goals
  • Include your role in the organization
  • Include your primary responsibilities
  • Explain how the organization channels your finances (if it does that on your behalf)
  • Signed by your immediate supervisor


Application: The information gathered to evaluate potential students. If the application is approved, the applicant’s position in the school will be secured.

Enrollment Requirements: The various requirements that need to be completed before your student can attend classes on the first day of school. It is not recommended to begin these requirements until the student’s application has been accepted.