Student Re-Enrollment Process

Each year, every current student must complete the re-enrollment process. Listed below are the steps. If a student does not re-enroll, they will not be registered for the next school year. If a student will be gone for part of the year they still need to complete the online forms.

Re-enrollment forms for the 2017/2018 are available now. Please go to to begin the process.
Re-Enrollment Fee

Pay by:   January 31 – $50   ○   April 1 – $100   ○   After April 1 – $150


Step 1: Complete the Returning Application on the Registration Site. 

Step 2: Pay the Re-Enrollment Fee

Step 3: Complete Required forms before the beginning of the school year

  • Child Safety
    • To provide continual development of our child safety program, we require each family to complete the child safety ready and take a short online quiz. Each family only needs to complete a single quiz once per year (documents provided on registration site)
  • Medical Forms – Please read thoroughly for updated information.
    • Health Inventory – Must be completed for each student. (Online Form) (documents provided on registration site)
    • Medical Exam – This form needs to to be completed one time for each student entering K, 3, 6, or 9*. (documents provided on registration site)


*Athletic Physicals – High School athletes: If your child is thinking of participating in high school athletics, they will be required to complete an Athletic Physical every two years. These exams will be offered during registration at the beginning of each school, on campus, for a reasonable price. If your student is unable to attend this event, they will be required to submit evidence of a Athletic Physical exam using a separate form available from the Health office (not the Medical Exam form provided here).  For grade 9 students, the Athletic Physical exam will count as their medical exam for that year.

Please retain a copy of ALL personal medical forms for your records.


Optional Forms for Returning Students:

  •  Boarding Form – This form only needs to be completed if you would like to house your student in a Faith dorm. – Parent Application Form

    Boarding Registration Fees For returning students:  

    Due by Feb 28          –     $90 for each child

    March 1 – March 31    –     $120 for each child

    After March 31        –     $145 for each child

  • Transportation Service – Must be completed for each student. (Online Form)


Payment alone without re-enrollment forms does not guarantee placement in school. All forms and fee must be submitted by January 31 to guarantee placement in school.