Frequently Asked Questions – Admissions and Enrollment:

Our application process opens in November each year for the next school year. Applications are accepted until April 15. Applications submitted after that date are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The documents must be scanned and uploaded in the Online Registration. You may communicate with the registrar if there are difficulties or concerns in uploading the documents.  [email protected]

A standardized test measures the test taker’s achievement by using grade-level percentile rankings. Examples of tests that we accept are Stanford, Terra Nova, WIDA, Woodcock-Johnson, and CEM Achievement Test (Filipinos only).

ELL testing is scheduled once an application, school records, and the application fee are submitted. The testing is done at Faith Academy.

This is the non-academic fee which goes toward the running and upkeep of the school. This is an annual fee.

There are the application and testing fees which are not included in the tuition and fees. Uniforms are not covered in the tuition and capital fees. Transportation and boarding are also additional costs.

We do not offer academic scholarships for students. We do have an application for financial assistance for those who are under our general tuition rates.

The application process is the first step in becoming a student at Faith Academy. An application must be completed and school records submitted. English testing will take place during this process, if needed. The application, along with testing scores and school records, will be reviewed by the administration. If an application is approved, they will be sent a letter of acceptance.

The enrollment process follows the application process if a student has received a letter of acceptance. In order to guarantee a place in the school, this process must be completed. There are medical forms, child safety, and policy forms to be completed. Once they are all completed, a student will be considered enrolled for the next school year.

Each year, every current student must complete the re-enrollment process. If a student does not re-enroll they will not be registered for the next school year. If a student will be gone for part of the year, they still need to complete the online forms. A student who will be gone for an entire year but is planning on returning must email [email protected].

This varies according to grade level, but on average no more than 25.

The school year starts at the beginning of August and runs till the end of May or first week of June.

School starts at 7:10 and runs until 2:25 Monday through Friday. After school programs end at 4:30.

Penny Lane, Valley Golf, Cainta on the edge of Metro Manila.

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Yes, we do have vans that run to various parts of the city depending on the number of students in those areas. There is an additional fee for this service.