Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Program (For Category III only)


Faith Academy recognizes the need of some families for financial assistance to cover academic tuition and capital fees required by general admission students. In an effort to provide a more affordable education to students from the community, Faith Academy can provide needs-based assistance. Financial assistance will be considered for those students meeting all the requirements for entry into Faith Academy. Additionally, a financial needs analysis form must be completed and reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee.

Nature of Assistance:

  1. The assistance program is available to all general admission students, grades K-12 at Faith Academy.
  2. The needs-based assistance includes fees such as tuition fee and academic capital fee. Assistance is not available for boarding and transportation.
  3. The financial assistance committee reserves the right to grant partial tuition fee assistance. The family receiving assistance shall cover the expenses for registration, transportation, boarding, uniforms, and miscellaneous fees.
  4. An annual application for assistance will need to be made for those who would like to be considered for the program.

Who may qualify for the Financial Assistance?

  1. The awards/discounted rates are open to K-12, general admission students.
  2. The applicants must meet all regular Faith Academy entrance requirements.
  3. The applicants must have an excellent command of oral and written English.
  4. The applicants must possess high personal standards and be in good health.
  5. Families that demonstrate need for financial assistance, but can cover miscellaneous, uniform, and other incidental expenses.
  6. More than one student per family may be considered for Financial Assistance.

Required Documents:

  1. A letter of application written by the parent or student (for Grade 9-12), detailing a short personal academic history, personal goals or objectives, and ways that he/she intends to contribute to the learning community at Faith Academy.
  2. Completed Financial Assistance Application Form, including the following financial information and documentation to determine eligibility for financial assistance:
    • Copy of Income Tax Return of parents showing ALL sources of income.
    • Details of bank accounts and other financial holdings.
    • Financial obligations showing monthly payments on loans, mortgages, and other debts (including other educational payments for other children).
    • Current certificate of employment stating:
      • designation or position in the company
      • annual salary
      • benefits accruing to the parent/s
    • Copy of land and house titles/certificate of registration.
    • Copy of house rental agreement showing monthly payment, if applicable.
    • Copy of car(s) certificate of registration.
    • Copy of latest billing statement of school fees of the student/applicant, if applicable.
    • Photocopy of all passport pages to indicate travels of the student/applicant and parent/s.
    • Names of relatives who have attended and/or are attending Faith Academy, if applicable.

The Application process for this Financial Assistance will be as follows:

  1. Applications must be submitted to the Business Office by filling out the Financial Assistance Application Form. Please come to the Business Office or request a form to be sent by email.
  2. Suitable candidates will be contacted within two weeks of receipt of the application for scheduling of interview with Financial Assistance Committee.
  3. Upon evaluation of application and financial records, the Financial Assistance Committee will make a final recommendation.

The Financial Assistance awardees and his/her parents must indicate acceptance within one week of notification of the financial assistance offer. The Financial Assistance Committee reserves the right to terminate the assistance in the event of excessive or extreme behavioral issues.