Andrew (’02) & Jacki Quinley

March, 2020


What quarantine means for missionaries ✈🚫

A few people have asked how Covid-19 is affecting us, so I thought I’d answer a number of those questions.

Have you gotten sick?
We haven’t gotten Covid but traveling through so many changes of weather from Chicago to Miami and up to Pennsylvania, we’ve dealt with a bit of congestion.

How is Thor’s rash?
It has 100% cleared up! Thank you to everyone for praying for him!

Have you had to cancel any plans?
Unfortunately, yes. We were scheduled to go to New York before the lockdown, and I was flying to Ireland to do a training for pastors from across the country, and have had to call off a few personal and church visits. We believe this is the best move at the time and the good news is that we’re always reachable through our social media!

Do you have any unmet needs at this time?
Thankfully, we were able to visit a number of our partners before things went crazy, and have been blessed by so many of you. We’re bummed that we haven’t been able to see everyone, but we’ll find a way to make up for it.

That being said, our travel and accommodation for this period has been taken care of by Jacki’s parents. We’re presently with my Gram in rural Pennsylvania and will be traveling back to Chicago in about a week to ride the rest of this thing out. We know that this is a tough time for everyone, so let’s have each other in our prayers and find any way we can to ease the burden on our closest neighbors at this moment.

Can you get back to Thailand?
We have been booked to leave in May, so, hopefully, travel restrictions are lifted by then. We’ll keep you updated on that.

How will this affect your ministry in Thailand?
It’s definitely going to have an impact on our live schools. Even though we’re sure that by July and September, the spread will have settled, we anticipate it’s going to be difficult for people to arrange travel with such a short window.

How will you adapt?
We’ve got something exciting to talk with you about in next week’s email. We believe these global conditions are the push believers need to finally take action in an area we’ve long been too complacent to get involved in. Stay tuned.

We love you!
Andrew, Jacki, and the kids