Andrew (’02) & Jacki Quinley

April, 2020


Is this going to destroy the church? ⛪

Just last week I was with a pastor who told me about the rule of threes. If someone attends your church for three Sundays in a row, chances are they are going to stay with your community. If they miss church for three Sundays, you’ve lost them.

Last Sunday was the third Sunday that churches have been ordered to shut down. This is a crisis unlike any we have seen in our generation. Pastors are stressed. They weren’t ready for this. The average church is in disarray. Members are hurting, inundated every day with voices that are proclaiming the only message they can proclaim when they don’t know the one who healed lepers, fed the multitudes, calmed the storms.

We believe this is our most critical hour as believers. For too many years, we’ve put off innovation, resisting the chance to meet people where they are searching: online. We’ve dabbled in it, but we haven’t truly given it our whole attention.

Meanwhile, influencers, advertisers, pornographers, celebrities, and more have become more and more savvy to the new means of communications that let them speak directly to your family and friends on an hourly basis.

If anything good comes out of this shutdown, it’s going to be that the church is being forced to find its voice online. It’s being forced to intercept people who are truly seeking and give them what they so desperately need: hope, forgiveness, redemption.

As the government began issuing orders to close churches and businesses across the nation, it just happened that I was in Pennsylvania at my grandmother’s place with Chuck Quinley, Medialight’s CEO and my dad. We knew this was a pivotal hour.

We got to work immediately, putting together an online course specifically for pastors, but any believer will benefit from it. It provides a detailed walkthrough of the key components a church will need to survive and expand its ministry despite the monumental challenges it’s facing right now. We know the church is hurting, so we decided to offer it completely FREE.

I’m extending that offer to you today. We need your voice in the midst of this too. Your friends and family do too. Here’s your link.

Would you help us spread the word about this? Send this email to your church leadership team and any other pastor that you know to let them know there is hope in the midst of this. Their church can grow and expand its influence. They can take their place at the forefront of cultural change. The tools are right at their fingertips and they are free for the taking.

Thanks for supporting us throughout all these seasons of change and challenge. You help us put these tools in the hands of the church across the world so we can build something even more beautiful out of wreckage of broken lives.

We love you!
Andrew, Jacki, and the kids

P.S. Please let us know if there’s anything specific we can pray with you about. We’ve all got lots of time to pray these days.

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