Andrew (’02) & Jacki Quinley

May, 2020


🌎 You give strength to the global church 🌍



Hey Deanna,

With the world going into its second straight month of lockdown, the church around the world has to adapt to a completely new reality. Online ministry used to be optional, an afterthought for church leaders. Now, it’s the spine of our entire ministry. What a world, eh?

As soon as lockdown measures were talked about in the US, we began rolling out quick, easy training courses for pastors in the US and around the world to get ahold of so they could quickly shift into high-engagement online ministry practices.

We launched a Facebook group for church leaders which has grown to 176 church leaders in membership now. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve gotten from group members:

“Chuck and Andrew, I’m enjoying and learning from the lessons. Thank you for making them possible.”

“I took the course and loved it. Thank you for sharing this. The course was so informative and easy to follow. I plan on using the great information in ministry in the days to come. Again thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us.”

“I just want to thank you to Medialight Asia for helping me to prepare devotion in fb. I am applying what i have learned in our own language (tagalog). I see it as great help for us to connect with other people through online.”

“I am so grateful for this ministry. I have watched the first couple of videos and am inspired already. Can’t wait to see what is next!” 

What is next?

We’re actively in the process of producing new online ministry training modules and social media content to reach, inspire, and drive believers into action around the world.

In the midst of all this, many people have asked us how we are doing, financially. To be honest, we were bracing for impact when we heard that churches around America were going to have to shut their doors for the indefinite future.

Here’s the truth. Our partners, people like you, have remained steady and faithful despite the fevered panic in the world all around them. We haven’t had to take our eyes off the mission for one second because of that kind of faithfulness.

Trying times bring out the worst and the best in all of us. This season has shown that most heroes don’t wear capes. If you want proof, look in the mirror.

We love you!
Andrew, Jacki, and the kids