Andrew (’02) & Jacki Quinley

June, 2020


It’s all downhill from here 💦

Hey Deanna,

What was June like for you? Things got a little crazy around our household, as you can see. Thailand still hasn’t opened its borders, we entered our third month of living with Jacki’s gracious, generous (and did I mention patient?) parents in Chicago. But being locked in location for the moment has produced some beautiful results.

– Thor pottytrained himself! It’s been a long time coming due to living in an SUV, on airplanes, and sleeping in other people’s beds, but being in the same house for our second month gave him the consistency he needed to hit that potty when nature called.
– We got on a regular school schedule. Most of the kid’s schooling has been done in the car on 10-14 hour trips between states. It’s been great to get on a regular schedule and make some good headway. August is now doing 5th grade work, Reese is in 2nd, and Thor is learning to read.
– You already know about our Facebook group for church leaders 
– I created a brand new Medialight course on building a funnel for a church and creating the ultimate online service. I’m really proud of this one. It has the potential to help any pastor of any-sized church create a reliable online presence that attracts new members and guides them into the community no matter whether they are stuck in lockdown or running a weekly on-campus worship service.

– We got back on the road! Right now, we’re down in GA visiting my grandfather who has just come through his radiation treatments (Keep praying for him, please)! We’re loving the much-missed time the kids are getting to spend with a man who is a pillar of our family.
– Oh yeah, and we made a slip and slide and this video.

So, here’s our one prayer request right now. I called three embassies on Friday and asked when they’d open up for us. They couldn’t give us any information at the moment. Would you pray for just a moment to move the hand of the immigration officials in Thailand so they will open up for Non-O visa holders and decrease their travel restrictions?

Thank you. How about you? What has June been like for you?

We love you!
Andrew, Jacki, and the kids