Bart (’93) & Emily Allen

June, 2020


June 26 Amdu Bible Teaching Update

Thank for your continued prayers for our team here in Amdu!  You are an important part of what the Lord is doing here, and we are encouraged to know that you are praying.


As we work our way through God’s story with our Amdu friends, we have focused on many key truths that must become clear to them.  One picture that we have used is that of a broken-off branch.  During the first week of the teaching, one of our boys broke off a branch from a mango tree in our yard, and we continue to use that as a visual during our teaching times.  At the beginning, with its green leaves, the branch still looked alive, but without being attached to the tree, it was only a matter of time before the truth would become evident – it was really dead.  Adam and Eve’s sin resulted in a separation of fellowship between them and the holy God who created them.  And even though they didn’t drop over dead right then, the eventual death of their bodies was another result of their sin.  As descendants of Adam and Eve, we too were all born sinners – broken-off branches who cannot reattach ourselves to the ‘Tree’ by any work or effort of our own.


This past week was an important one as we taught about God giving the Law to the people of Israel.  The New Testament makes it very clear in many places that following the Law cannot make a person righteous.  The Law shows us our helpless state and how far we fall short of God’s standard.  Following the Law cannot make us as broken-off branches be living again and able to bear fruit!


Another picture used in the lesson yesterday was that of a mirror.  What is a mirror used for?  A person can look into it and see, for example, that he has dirt smeared on his face.  But will it work to use the mirror to wash off the dirt?  In a similar way, the Law shows us our sin, but following the Law isn’t going to remove the sin (Romans 3:20).  One man asked after the lesson on Thursday, “Then what is the way for getting clean from our sin?”  Perfect question!  The answer to that will become super clear in the coming weeks as we move out of the Old Testament and begin teaching about the life of Christ.  In just about every lesson, we have been pointing people to the coming Redeemer, the One who will defeat Satan.  We are praying that the lessons from this past week will help cement in their minds the fact that sin has separated each of them from God and that they NEED this Redeemer.  Only through the Redeemer can we be restored to fellowship with our Creator God.


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Would you like to pray specifically for us during the Bible lesson times?  We meet Monday through Thursday mornings from about 7-8:30 am.  That would be Sunday through Wednesday 5-6:30 pm EST.


Thanks for praying for the Amdu people!!  And for our team as we teach, translate, review with people, and carry on with school and other aspects of normal life in the tribe!


In Christ alone,

Bart, Emily and boys