Bart (’93) & Emily Allen

August, 2020


August 4 Amdu Bible Teaching Update


“We’ve never heard anything like this before!”

That, and similar phrases, have been repeated to us over and over in the past weeks as people talk about the Bible teaching they are hearing.  These past months of meeting at least four mornings a week teaching chronologically through God’s Word have been tiring and intense yet also very rewarding.  As we are now less than a week away from teaching about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, the excitement among our crowd of listeners is evident.

For the ones who have heard various Bible stories in the past, they are seeing that we are teaching in a totally different way than they’ve ever experienced.  And instead of just the facts about the story, they are seeing how each account fits into God’s redemption plan that He put into action long ago in the Garden of Eden. They are understanding the ‘meat’ of God’s talk and they are loving it.

When we meet with people to review the lessons in their homes or in a group sitting outside on the grass, there is already the feel that we are closely knit together, like a family.  These months sitting together listening to God’s Word, facing antagonism from those who are opposed to this Bible teaching, and looking with anticipation at what God is going to do have forged a special bond among our group.

As we finish the last few lessons, please continue to pray that people would clearly understand the only way God has made for us to be right with Him again.  Pray that nothing would block people from hearing the end of the story.  Pray that they would trust in Christ as their Lamb, the payment for their sin debt!!

These are exciting days in Amdu!!  In a recent conversation about their spiritual blindness, one man said this, “Jesus is about to peel Satan’s hands off our eyes.”  For many, the darkness they have lived in all their lives is about to be overcome.  But while we are excited for the ones listening to the Bible teaching, our hearts are heavy for the many who have rejected the message and think they are just fine the way they are.  Please pray for that group as well.

Thank you for praying with us all these months.  God is working in the hearts of our listeners.

Bart and Emily Allen

Missionaries with Ethnos360

Ministering among the Amdu people of PNG