Bart (’93) & Emily Allen

August, 2020


The Church in Amdu is born


Have you ever looked forward to something for a long time and then when it actually happens, it’s hard to believe?  That’s a little of what we’re feeling right now!  We are rejoicing and thanking the Lord that some of our Amdu friends are now brothers and sisters in Christ!!


For the past couple weeks, anticipation has been growing to hear the ‘end’ of the story.  It was crystal clear in people’s minds that the coming Redeemer, the one who would defeat Satan, was Jesus.  But they still had many questions.  Friday’s lesson on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus put the pieces together and helped our listeners to understand the implications of what Christ did and what that means for each of us.


Since Friday morning we have heard very clear testimonies from a handful of our group.  Seeing the light in their eyes and hearing the excitement in their voices is priceless.  We will share some of their individual testimonies with you soon, but for now we wanted to let you know this news so you can rejoice with us!


We have many reasons to praise the Lord.  The obvious one is the salvation of some of our Amdu friends.  But we have also seen the Lord sustain our family over these past few busy and intense months of translation and Bible teaching.  Our boys have helped in many ways, and we are very thankful that they have had a front-row seat to watching the Lord work here.  Our oldest son Luke just turned 18, so along with celebrating the birth of a church in Amdu, we were celebrating him as well!  It’s been an exciting weekend.


In the next week we’ll be taking a break from daily teaching and will be sitting down with the remaining individuals who attended the teaching.  We are praying that we will hear additional clear testimonies over the next few days of those who are placing their faith in Christ alone for salvation.


Many of you have been praying for this day for a LONG time!  Thank you for your faithful part in this ministry through your prayers and support.  The Lord has used you in our lives and to make an eternal difference in the lives of the Amdu people.  Thank you!!


Praising the Lord,

Bart, Emily and boys