1990’s Alumni

Bart (’93) & Emily Allen

June, 2018 Furlough Plans – Update from Bart and Emily Allen   Furlough Plans Update Changes that are unexpected to us don’t take the

Noel & Catharine (Tuit, 1996) Carpenter

Carpenter May 2018 Newsletter   To view complete newsletter, please click this link: Noel & Catharine Carpenter

Tony & Heather (Kline ’89) Book / David Book (2018)

May, 2018 We are so proud to announce David’s graduation!   To view this announcement and photos, please click this link: David Book Graduation

Stephen & Jennifer (Jackson ’96) Hagen

May, 2018 Here Comes the Bride…. Oh wait, that’s not the right song…what IS the name of that song they always play at graduations??…

Malcolm (’93) & Kerstin Gray

May, 2018 UPDATE: Grays returning to the UK Re-entry & Splashdown Greetings from Coventry! It’s been a two and half months since we last

Trevor & Roberta (Wulliman ’92) Maxwell

May, 2018 We escaped! Last weekend for Monia’s 17th birthday we enjoyed one of her favorite pastimes–solving a mystery, in this case one based

Bart (’93) & Emily Allen

Translation Check and Change of Plans Translation Check Update                Thank you for praying for our team as we hit another milestone here in Amdu

Bart (’93) & Emily Allen

April, 2018 First Amdu Bible Translation Check Hello Friends, In our last update we shared that our first translation check was coming up.   For months now

Steve (’90) & Then Hyde

Update on Engage500 after trip to Mombasa, Kenya ENGAGE500: My trip to Kenya was to get updates on our global progress to Engage500 as well as receive

Noel & Catharine (Tuit, 1996) Carpenter

April, 2018 Noel with many hats, Catharine learning language, praise and prayer   To view complete newsletter, please click this link: Noel & Catharine Carpenter