2000’s Alumni

Tieg Laskowske (’09 FA Mindanao)

October, 2010 – I am in my sophomore year in the rigorous mechanical engineering program at Cedarville University. Home to 3,200 Christian students, Cedarville is an

Stephanie (Shinault, ’01) Morel

October, 2010 – After I graduated from Faith in 2001, I attended Michigan State University and studied Chinese and Advertising. I continued on for my

Val Clutton

June, 2010 – “Just a quick note to let you know that Doug and I are returning to the Philippines in June to serve

Rachel Lehman (‘07)

June, 2010 – Rachel Lehman‘07 (daughter of Bob and Deb Lehman, SIL) and Steven Miller ’07 (son of Carl and Suzie Miller, Southern Baptist)

Zach Johnston (’09)

June, 2010 – Zach Johnston ’09 just returned from a week Haiti. He and 11 other Penn State students traveled there to do relief

Zach Varberg (’06)

June, 2010 –  “I graduated from Faith Academy in 2006. In the fall of 2006 I started at Bethel University pursuing a B.S. in

Michael Cole (’00)

June, 2010 – Michael Cole (’00) “I am a nurse in the US Navy. After a 6 month deployment in Kuwait, I returned to

Meg Harper (’05)

May, 2010 – “In May 2009, I graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor of Music in Performance. My primary instrument is the organ,

Nem (Ngaihte, ’04) & Oliver (’03) Malabuyo

May, 2010 – Nem Ngaihte ’04 “Oliver Malabuyo (’03) and I got married on October 25th in Anaheim, California. We are living in Whittier,

Tim Kuiken (’03)

May, 2010 – “I’m at Fort Bragg, NC. I’m in the 82nd Airborne which is a part of the US Army. I’ve been in