Former and Current Staff

Steven (Chaplain 1998 to 2000) & Angela (Simpson, ’74) Leuice

June, 2010 – Steven Leuice (Chaplain 1998 to 2000) and Angela (Simpson) Leuice ’74 has been pastoring a community church in Northern California for

Barry Clark Walker

February, 2009 – Barry Clark Walker passed away on February 6, 2009. He was 66 years old. 34 of his 66 years were spent

Mary Haney

May, 2010 – Mary Haney, who taught at FA in the early 80’s, has died near Portland, Oregon. She was hiking with some friends

Louise Danielson

April, 2009 – Louise Danielson (former staff) passed away April 16, 2009, in San Diego. She and her husband Ed served at Faith Academy

Margy Wollerton

May, 2010 – Margy Wollerton “I finished my Ed.D. in 2004 My dissertation was centered on student teachers. In the ten plus years back

Norm (’74) & Patricia (’76) Purvis

May, 2010 – Norm & Patricia Purvis (’74-76) live in Southern California. One son lives nearby and the two others live in Hawaii. “We

Ken & Joyce Prettol

May, 2010 –  “Presently serving with SIL in South East Asia in the area of administration. Ken was elected as Director at our recent

Lisa Dvorak

May, 2010 –  “I’ve been living in Omaha, Ne and working at New Hope Life Center for Women ( since early June 2008. New

Robby (’90) & Deanna (Jenkins, ’89) Nichols

May, 2010 –  Robby and Deanna joined the Faith staff in 2007 as missionary teachers serving with Action International Ministries. Robby is teaching Middle