George & Kathy (Gieser ’76) Cail

March, 2020


Update on Family and Team

Dear Praying Friends,

Just a quick note to answer a few questions coming out of the Prayer Update we sent out last Sunday night. . . .

This week began for us with Samuel’s MRI on Monday the 16th. Tuesday the word came out that the cancer is growing back. More surgery has been ruled out because of the delicacy of the operation. Not sure at this moment what options the oncology team will pursue. We are facing a hard reality as a family, but we are not without hope! We and Susan’s parents help as much as we can, trying to ease Susan’s load with home-schooling, etc. while Brent is at work. We are being drawn closer together as a family, and we continue to pray for God’s perfect will to be done.

Our other kids are doing well. Our two northern families (Andrew and Karissa in NH, Ben and Melissa in RI) are hunkering down at home, both of the men able to work remotely. We still haven’t been able to visit them and in the current COVID-19 situation, don’t know when that might happen. But staying in touch is a little easier than it was from across the ocean. We’ve enjoyed some great times with our other two families in this area.

This has also been a momentous week in our country of service across the ocean. SIM International recently advised all the expatriates on the team to leave. With the possibility of the need to leave later this year anyway because of elections and violence, and then the virus shutting down transportation options, this course of action became a stronger directive from leadership. Team members who weren’t thinking of leaving for months yet suddenly found themselves scrambling to buy tickets and pack up to catch flights just a day or two later! Today, the last members of our team who are leaving have flown out. As of midnight tonight (local time) the country’s airport will be closed to all international flights, and 14 adults and 12 children on our team will have left within the last few days. Only nine adults and six children remain. All six children and three of the adults remaining are nationals.

PRAISE the Lord for . . .

* His protection and watch care, His strength in times of great stress, His presence “in the boat” with us when we are tossed about by the storms of life.
His guidance in many difficult decisions, especially for our team dealing with many sudden changes.
His unchanging faithfulness in the midst of chaos.

PRAY with us for . . .

The safe arrival of our colleagues (and countless other travelers) trying to get back to their homes in various countries of the world. (Some we know are temporarily “stuck” enroute.)
God’s deep encouragement for our local friends having to carry on after the expatriates leave.
Wisdom for the medical decisions being made for Samuel’s treatment, and for God’s continued daily strengthening of Brent & Susan and the family as they walk this road.
* Hal, as he gets his second infusion of immunotherapy treatment this week in Atlanta.
* Sensitivity to the Lord’s leading each day in how we can reach out to family and colleagues during this challenging time.

Many thanks to a good friend (Joel) who sent us this link to a Getty song, “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death,” so relevant for these times:

Standing in Him,
George and Kathy