George & Kathy (Gieser ’76) Cail

June, 2020


Samuel’s MRI results

Dear Praying Friends,

Some of you might have known that Samuel had an MRI this past Wednesday, the 17th June, and you have been praying. The results came back on Thursday and they are . . . inconclusive! To quote from Brent and Susan’s Caring Bridge post:

“From what I understand, the lower part of Samuel’s tumor shows some improvement, at least in terms of decreased swelling, so this is encouraging. However, the top part of the tumor that is in the top of the spinal cord looks like it’s spreading. The top of the MRI caught a region in the brain that might be a small area of new cancer, and they have ordered a brain MRI next week to evaluate further.”

Besides another period of waiting, this means another medical procedure for Samuel in which he’ll need to be “pricked” — something he dreads because it usually takes a few tries for them to find a vein on him and it can be really painful. Please pray for continued courage and peace for him, and for all of us to keep our eyes fixed on the One who walks with us through this valley.

Thank you for praying. We’ll update you again with the new results when we can.

Much love,
George & Kathy