Malcolm (’93) & Kerstin Gray

September, 2020


Short Update and Invitation!

It’s time again for an update from us in Coventry…

Short Update

Little by little, life in our family has a more ‘normal’ appearance, though it’s hard for us to recall what ‘normal’ looks like. The last ‘normal’ time for us was possibly back in 2017, with Malcolm and Kerstin living in Tak and Amy living in Chiangmai. But did that ever feel ‘normal’? When did God ever call us to be ‘normal’ anyway?

  • Kerstin’s cancer treatment is virtually completed now, except for the long-term hormone treatment. Slowly, but surely, she is getting stronger, though it can be frustrating on the days when tiredness or pain intensify.
  • Malcolm is back at work full-time, working from home with frequent virtual online meetings. Planning for this year’s online WEC UK & Ireland conference has taken a lot of work and will take place 27 September-1 October.
  • And Amy is back at school, after receiving very good GCSE marks. She’s making new friends and is really enjoying her new school.

That’s almost ‘normal’, right?

You are invited to Vision:Unplugged!

This special event will be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook live on Wednesday 30 September at 19:30 BST.

It’s a 45-minute session exploring the inspiring and compelling nature of WEC’s vision:

“to see Christ known, loved and worshipped by the unreached peoples of the world.”

Malcolm will be co-hosting the event which will be connecting with WEC members around the world learning from them what excites them about the vision and what keeps them motivated even when the task can get a bit overwhelming.

The aim for Vision:Unplugged is to be open and real about the vision God has given us, to get behind the goals and strategies, to dive below the activities and ministries and have a good look at our beating heart. We’d love for you to join us! And feel free to invite anyone you know who might be interested.

Facebook Live

Check out the trailer for the Vision:Unplugged event

Thanksgiving & Prayer

  1. Thank God for a good progress for Kerstin and pray for grace as she continues on the road to full recovery.
  2. Pray for the WEC UK & Ireland conference that starts very soon. Pray for the technology but more importantly, pray for a real sense of God’s presence with us as a fellowship. Pray also for Malcolm as he leads the week-long online conference that could have 250-350 people attending.
  3. Please remember Amy as she gets settled into the new school with the new responsibilities of studying A-levels (Further Maths, English Language and Spanish)

Links to Live Streams (for Wednesday evening)

Vision:Unplugged Live Stream
Vision:Unplugged Live Stream
Vision:Unplugged Live Stream
Vision:Unplugged Live Stream