Marion Fry

November, 1935 – October, 2015

Marion Fry was born in Philadelphia, PA on November 29, 1935. Her family moved to Fresno, CA after World War II. She graduated from Roosevelt High School in Fresno and received her Elementary Education Degree from Biola. In 1956, Marion accepted Jesus as Lord and gave her life to God to use as He desired and to go wherever He wished.

Marion was part of Reach Global Mission (formerly the Evangelical Free Church Mission) for almost 5 decades. Her commitment to Christ and His church, and to MKs and their families was filled with passion and love. As all who knew her will attest, Marion was one of a kind!

From 1962-64, Marion taught third grade in La Mirada, CA. She moved to the Philippines in 1965 to teach Math and Physical Education at Cebu American School. After 3 years of teaching, Marion then served 2 years as Guidance Counselor and Vice-Principal. In 1972-73, Marion’s final year at Cebu American School, she was the Acting Principal and the Remedial Teacher.

In 1973, Marion earned her M.Ed. in Guidance from the University of the Philippines. In response to an urgent need, she moved to Manila in order to teach 6th grade at Faith Academy. Marion found middle school kids to be challenging, fun and in a state of transition that matched her desire to help those with greatest need. Her sense of humor made her winsome and her earring collection opened doors for conversation with even the most reticent. In 1976, she became the Middle School Counselor and remained in that position until 2007. From 2007 until 2015, Marion assisted in the Middle School Learning Center and continued to plan special functions in middle school for both students and fellow staff members. Her annual Thanksgiving Breakfast for staff was a memorable event.

Middle School Outdoor Education was a huge part of Marion’s life while at Faith Academy, as was Friendship Week; she never missed an opportunity to dress up with the kids. She loved the Filipino staff members at Faith Academy, with many considering her a big sister or mother.

In her later years, her diminishing role in the Faith Academy classroom didn’t slow her down. She started tutoring a neighbor boy, had regular Bible studies with four teenage girls, met regularly with her church group, attended Tagalog lessons, and led a Bible study with Faith Academy employees.

Marion’s desire was that her life would point people to her Lord Jesus, the Creator of the world and the Savior of her soul. God surely fulfilled this desire.